Holiday special! What to gift your partner this season

Confused about what you can gift your partner? Here's a list of ideas that are perfect, based on how well you know them!
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This season is all about celebration and gifts. But gifting is not the easiest thing to do, considering everybody has different choices and there are multiple options for every choice. Knowing somebody well enough doesn't help either as people we know the best are the most difficult to shop for. So its time to get creative and customised. 

Below, we have listed out some tried and tested gifting options for both boys and girls, for every stage of your relationship!

Socks or keychains or stationery (1-3 months)

This is for when you are just getting to know the person. It may seem cliche or lame, but socks always come in handy for both men and women. As do keychains. Get some funky printed socks and some charms on the keychain to make it more personalised. 

Stationery is also a safe bet because who doesn't use pens and notebooks?

Mug or Tshirt (3-6 months)

You still foot deep in this relationship so it doesn't make sense to spend too much. If this seems to less, turn it into a gifting set. A pair of tees that the both of you can wear together, or a couple mug set. This will be incredibly cheesy and cute and will definitely get you some brownie points!

Wallet or handbag or any kind of accessories (6-12 months)

You have made it this far, so a more expensive gift is a definite yes. A classy tan leather wallet will be perfect for him. Pitch in a nice tie too, that matches the colour of his eyes. 

And there's nothing like a dainty sling bag or a classy handbag for her, this holiday season!

Perfume or bath set and vacation (1 - 1.5 years)

Nothing like sipping some frothy pina coladas under umbrellas, to celebrate your year of togetherness. While at it, you obviously can't go empty handed! By now, you know your partner's favourite scent, so pick out a luxurious perfume for this special occasion. Or, pick out a scent you love and want them to try! Both make for excellent gifts. 

For her, there is nothing greater than an expensive bath set. Pick one out from a store of custom make one if you know all of her preferences. 

Alcohol (1.5 or more years)

Since you know your partner's favourite alcohol option, and you have given them everything else there is to give, a bottle of expensive wine or whiskey will do the trick! 

Have any more ideas? Comment below and let us know!

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