Virgo, Aries, Aquarius: How compatible each zodiac sign is with Taurus

Late April to mid May, is the month of the bull. The zodiac sign that is fond of all things luxury and comfort is known to get along okay with almost every other sign. Read on to know more about whether your sign is compatible or not with them.
Love & Relationships,horoscope,zodiac relationships,love zodiacVirgo, Aries, Aquarius: How compatible each zodiac sign is with Taurus
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Ruled by Venus, the planet associated with love, romance, beauty and wealth, Taureans resonate the same feelings and emotions as their ruling planet. The bulls of the zodiac are ruled by earthly pleasures and are known to be incredibly stubborn and possessive. Taureans love to pamper and spend quality time with the people they love the most Planning for their future is also extremely important to a Taurus. They make for the best partners as well. Want to know how compatible you are with Taurus? Read below!


Aries hate being controlled and Taureans love having control over ever small things in their life. And while Taureans prefer stability and being in their comfort zone, Arie can't live a life without adventure. Though they are extrmely different from each other, they get along well. And once they get comfortable with each other, these two are inseparable!


One of the most powerful couples in the Zodiac sign, this combination can also be slightly tricky when it comes to power. They want to be the boss of themselves and each other. There are also bound to be ego clashes, but once they get through them, these two are indestructible.


These two aren't very compatibe as a Taurus requires physical touch while a Gemini needs freedom. The Taurean's possessiveness can make the Gemini feel caged and trapped. To make this relationship work, the two will need to make a lot of compromises. 


There is nobody better for these two signs. Both Cancer and Taurus need to feel safe and protected. The only difficulty the two might face, is getting rid of both their layers and opening up to each other. 


These two are not very compatible. When a Taurus and Leo get together, there are bound to be ego clashes and standoffs since they are both extremely stubborn. The only thing the two seem to have in common, is their shared love for art. 


These two may seem boring at first, but they are so similar in real! They share a close bond and a relationship that many will go to envy. Both are earth signs and Virgo always allows Taurus to take the lead, which is exactly what they want. 


Though they are extremely compatible, the relationship between these two will not last long. Librans love everybody while Taurus have a jealous streak and are extremely demanding of attention. 


These two signs might just make it because of all that they have to learn from each other. Scorpians don't trust very easily but the Taurus' loyalty is sure to help them with everything. Once past the rough phases, this couple will be legendary. 


This relationship will remain fun but only for a while. Sagis are easily bored while the Taurus is comfortable with routine. They make good friends but the two want completely different things from each other. 


These two can build an empire together. They make for great business partners because they have the same ideas about the high end lifestyle and luxury, but aren't so good with being emotional around each other. 


There is very little common ground here. While the Taurus loves routine, Aquarians can't sit still for very long. They are both physically and intellectually great together, but when it comes to a long lasting relationship, they need to prepare themselves for heartbreak. 


These two get along very well as they are both grounded and love each other's company. The only challenge here, could be the shifting nature of Pisces. All they need to do to make things work, is let their Taurus partner in, on what's happening in their life. 


I agree, the most shitty sun sign is Taurus. Shiney Ahuja, Sunny Leone, all idiotic people are filled up in taurus.

Why should anyone in this world care about being compatible wotht Taurus? The most boring sun sign ever.

Yes, it's Taurus month. It's because why they posted this. If in case you have no/limited knowledge in astrology, let me let you know that, it's a huge month for the sign in terms of love, relationships & extraordinary transformations. In fact this year Taureans are making the greatest of life changing moves amongst all zodiac signs. In that sense, it's not even the month of Taurus but the whole year (particularly second half). I'm sorry to know that somebody seem upset with that. I would wish good luck for the person who thought, hating some Taureans will give them some temporary relief from their miserable life.

Such a hater and sore loser Anonymous

It’s alright that you are not a Taurus, don’t be so hateful though.

It Taurus season that's why

But who cares about being compatible with Taurus? There are so many other amazing Sun signs to be compatible with, nobody gives a damn about Taurus.

The article's about Taurus being its Taurus season, it's not that deep dude if you want to see your compatibility with other signs just search it up

Nobody gives a damn about you opinion! This is the Taurus season which is why they have posted sun sign compatibility with this sign.

You don't sound close a grip..There's many Tauruses out there this month since it's their month.

Not sure if you're dumb or dumb..This article is clearly for Taureans. If you aren't a taurus, you shouldn't be here in first place.

Yet you remain anonymous lol

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