3 home remedies to keep your lips pink and healthy

Fed up of chapped or dry lips? Here are a few home remedies to retain the softness of your lips.
3 home remedies to keep your lips pink and healthy3 home remedies to keep your lips pink and healthy
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Who doesn’t desire soft and pink lips? Not only does it help you win hearts with a dazzling smile but also keep your face radiant and healthy. Chapped, dry or pigmented lips are a big no-no. It is necessary to give some extra care to your lips to retain their natural softness and smoothness. Shambhavi Mishra, ethical beauty blogger at Talksassy doles out three ways to keep your lips pink and healthy.


Just like your skin your lips also need to be hydrated and nothing works better than a good lip balm. Make sure you apply lip balm every night before going to bed. The lesser chemicals it has, the better it will be for your lips. Coconut oil is one of the best home remedies to keep lips young and fresh. Moisturising also prevents premature ageing of lips.


Scrubbing is an essential part of lip care. Make a homemade scrub using honey and sugar. Apply it on your lips and notice the difference after the first use. In fact, there are so many brands offering lip scrubs in the shape of a lipstick, which are extremely easy to use and carry. Scrubbing off the dead skin is a must for good looks and plump lips.


Masking is a great way to retain the pink colour of your lips. The combination of honey and milk cream can help keep them glowing. Keep it in your refrigerator or on your side table. Regular usage of this combination helps in lightning of lips and making them look juicier, fuller and pink.

An unhealthy lifestyle with bad habits such as smoking, drinking, eating a bad diet or stress adds to pigmentation of lips. “One also needs to avoid nicotine and caffeine. Taking proper sleep and drinking enough water are some basics that one must follow to make sure your lips are healthy and hydrated,” Mishra adds. Regular exfoliation to remove dead and flaky skin is important. It is also essential to remove make-up and staying away from expired or cheap beauty products.


Its very natural and effective tips

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