5 Reasons Why Aquarians Make The Best Friends Ever

If you’re an Aquarian, then this will make your day, if you're not, then this will make you want to be surrounded by them.
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The Aquarius zodiac sign sits on the eleventh throne of the Zodiac circle, which happens to be the natural zone of friendship and social activity. Making friends and being the ideal friend comes easily to them as they rule humanitarianism. Although they are great at striking up conversations with literally anybody, Aquarians keep a few friends close to heart. More than being an absolute amazing person, they have a lot of positive traits that people wish to have in a friend and a companion.

Those who have an Aquarian as a friend would already know that they're the most loyal friends anybody can have ever have.

Aquarians as friends are very supportive of a person’s dreams, ideas and ambitions. If they feel like you have it in you to be passionate about your dreams and desire, they will push you to achieve your goal. They do not have the jealous streak in them. Now, if you're having a bad day, Aquarians can cheer you up like nobody and introduce you to people and even do a little retail therapy with you.

Celebrity Aquarian:Sruthi Hassan 


Aquarians are great at holding up conversations, you’d often find yourself talking to an Aquarian for hours at a stretch at parties for no apparent reason.

Not only do they always have interesting things to tell, they're curious to know people. Most Aquarians are pretty intellectual, and philosophical conversations with them are thought-provoking to say the least. In a way, they can be overbearing too. There are Aquarians who don’t just like to listen and cheer you up, and then, there are also those who tend to want to fix it all. Some Aquarians would take matters in their own hands. If you’re an Aquarian, keep in mind that not everyone wants this.


They are the ultimate fun lovers

Aquarians can be very unpredictable. Just when you've thought that you've got an Aquarian all figured out, they would go ahead and do or say something which will shock you. They are spontaneous and a tad bit crazy! They're all in for anything interesting and thrilling.

Celebrity Aquarian:Priety Zinta


Presenting the natural rebels and great idealists

Aquarians are born rebels against the conventional and the traditional. They do not accept anything blindly and are always questioning the loopholes in any system. Unlike Leos and Aries, Aquarians are not pushy people, and hence, they believe in the ultimate “Live and Let live” mantra. Aquarians will find that their kindness attracts friends wherever they go. Their humanitarian beliefs make them concerned for the welfare of all. Yet, while they love people, they tend to avoid getting too deeply involved in a relationship for fear of losing their independence and freedom.

Celebrity Aquarian:Abhishek Bachan


They are unconventional and proud about it

Aquarians are free-spirited souls and the most unconventional in the Zodiac circle, thus being the most eccentric in their friend circles. They can be accounted as the so-called “out of the box” thinkers and are always looking for something new to do, so that they can avoid their greatest enemy-boredom. The combination of their creative attributes, original thoughts, kindness and love for people makes them perfect leaders. Just as the positivity of an Aquarian is contagious, so is their free spirit. For those of you who are forever tangled in the mundane day-to-day tasks, you need an Aquarian friend to liberate you!

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