6 of the most ENTITLED zodiac signs who think that the world revolves around them

A few zodiac signs do like the attention and feel that the world revolves around them. So here we have the 6 entitled zodiac signs who think that they deserve all the attention in the world.
6 of the most ENTITLED zodiac signs who think that the world revolves around them6 of the most ENTITLED zodiac signs who think that the world revolves around them
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Well, we are back with yet another Zodiac post and this time around we have found out the Zodiac personalities like none other. While being the life of the party is an amazing thing, a few zodiac signs do think that the world revolves around them.now, this is not necessarily a bad thing but when people do think that stealing other people’ thunder for personal attention is cool, that’s when the problem arises. So here are 6 of the most entitled zodiac signs who think that the world revolves around them.



Capricorns have nothing to prove. They think they are perfect that’s about it. With an attitude like that, not everyone can buy what they say. They are aware of this fact but still own the fact like a pro. They think that the world is their oyster and they can take things even if it is not theirs. If they have their minds fixated on a topic, forget about hearing anything about anything else ever again.



Virgos have a strong opinion. They believe in certain things and topics. So, if you do not comply with their opinion that could literally destroy you. They like the attention and can do anything for it. They do not ask for much, but when they do they expect you to comply. 


3. LEO

Having Leo on this list is not even a surprise anymore. They expect flattery, adoration, worship from their friends and family, and they fully believe they are entitled to a life of riches and respect. Leo being Leo thinks highly of themselves and they just think that they are entitled to the throne. They will also never let you forget your place in their court even if you are way above them. 



Not only Aries is an entitled sign, they expect you to know about it. They know that they ask for unwanted attention and an Aries clearly owns up to that fact. Aries doesn't step down a notch to make things more convenient; they step up and expect everyone else to meet them there. 



Geminis are entitled and there’s no denying that. They just simply feel that they are above the rest for no apparent reason at all. It's not like they have done something extraordinary in life! However, this entitlement issue makes ends up making them feel isolated and lonely.  



Right up there with the fiery entitlement bunch, Sagittarius is yet another grand snob of the zodiac. This sign does not tolerate anything that does not comply with them and their values. They love freedom and no matter what others think, they feel like they are entitled to live a free life and will do whatever it takes to get that.


Who according to you is the most entitled? Let us know in the comments section below.

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