Cook this Keto Mug Bread in just 90 seconds!

Are you following the ketogenic diet? Here’s a recipe perfect to add all the essential nutrients and it takes only 90 seconds to make it.
Cook this Keto Mug Bread in just 90 seconds!Cook this Keto Mug Bread in just 90 seconds!
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The quest to lose weight brings many hardships—right from choosing a suitable diet plan to following a strict fitness regime. Often, a low-carbohydrate, high-protein diet comes handy in such moments. Referred to as ketogenic or keto diets, the Paleo, South Beach and the Atkins diets fall into that category.

However, there are many precautions to be taken. When tried for weight loss, the short-term results were fruitful but whether or not it works in the long term is debatable. Moreover, choosing the right food items that fall under the diet can be quite a challenge too.

Nuts (almonds, walnuts), seeds, avocados, tofu, and olive oil are some unsaturated fats that are allowed in the diet. Also, saturated fats such as oils, butter are cocoa butter are advised to be consumed in high amounts.

This recipe of Keto Mug Bread curated by Keto.India is just perfect to add all the right nutrients to your body. Interestingly, it takes hardly 90 seconds to cook it. Can you believe it? Well, here are the instructions you need to follow.

Keto Mug Bread


-         30g Almond flour

-         16g Butter

-         1 tsp Baking powder

-         1 Egg

-         Salt

-         Oregano or Pizza mix


-         Mix all the ingredients in a mug and microwave for 90 seconds.

-         Let it rest for a minute.

-         Overturn the mug and slice it.

So, what are you waiting for? Get set to cook it and surprise your friends.

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