Did you just stain your outfit? Here's how you can remove stubborn stains

We tend to drop things on our clothes and stain them every now and then. Some stains can be very stubborn and can refuse to come off and we hate giving up on our favorite clothes due to stains.
Did you just stain your outfit? Here's how you can remove stubborn stains
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Every time we drop something on our favorite outfit, it's like a mini heart attack in slow motion. Stains can be very stubborn and having to give up your best clothes because they got stained it very painful. Stain removal is a very important part of clothing care. Be it blood or ketchup or ink, there's a remedy to remove every stain no matter how stubborn it is. You can invest in stain removers, but it won't do you any good because stain removers can only do so much. Before you dry your clothes and let the stain become your permanent problem, try to remove it with these home remedies because it might save your clothes. One thing to remember is that the sooner you remove stains the easier it will be to remove it. So, don't stress if your pen leaked all over your top or you spilled coffee on your dress.


Here are some stain removal hacks that we all need to know.

1. The first and foremost remedy to try is baby powder. If you drop something on your clothes just put some baby powder on it and leave it. The baby powder will soak the stain and remove it. Use baby powder because the fabric is as sensitive as a baby's skin and baby powder is meant for sensitive skin.

2. You can use chalk to soak the stain. Rub it lightly over the stain till it absorbs the stain and wash your outfit and check if it's gone completely.

3. If there's an old stain that you don't know much about and can't seem to remove, just pour some pure white vinegar on it and wipe it properly. Post this, just wash the outfit and see the magic.

4. If you have ink on your clothes, you can use milk to remove the stains. Take some raw milk in a bowl and dip the stained area in the bowl slowly. Milk separates ink from the fabric.

5. If a white outfit is stained, use some lemon to remove it. Lemon has bleaching properties. Put some freshly squeezed lemon juice on the stain and leave it in the sun. Use this only on whites.

6. If you have any makeup stains on your clothes you can use some hairspray to remove it. Spray some hairspray on the stain and leave it for 10 minutes. After this, wipe the stain off and wash it like you usually do.

7. Salt helps remove food and wine stains easily. Put some salt on your stained outfit and let it absorb the stain and get rid of it.

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