Everything you need to know about 'Budokon'Jennifer Aniston's go to workout

The 50-year-old follows a mixture of martial arts, yoga and animal movements to keep in shape at all times.
People,jennifer aniston,jennifer aniston workout,jennifer aniston hotEverything you need to know about 'Budokon' Jennifer Aniston's go to workout
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Jennifer Aniston recently turned 50 and threw a birthday bash in which she looked better than ever! The stunning actress has come a long way when it comes to playing her part on and off screen. To keep fit and in shape, since her career depends on it, Aniston follows a mix of exercises called Budokon which is known to positively change the way one moves, thinks and interacts. No wonder Jen swears by it. 

This form of exercise is a mix of yoga and martial arts and was founded back in 2001 by Cameron Shayne. The form consists of three different disciplines including meditation, yoga and martial arts and aims to transform the mind through movement by building awareness, strength and developing a connection between the mind and body. 

Here's all you need to know about this form of exercise:

- It is not specifically for yogis

With the presence of the word yoga in the exercise, people have a misconception that this regime will consist of difficult exercises. Truth is that, it is fairly easy to follow since there is a variation of poses that accommodate almost all skill levels. 

 - It is customisable

Most people shy away from exercises because they expect it to be a rigorous session. But in actuality, the class is as easy or difficult as you want it to be. The pace is decided according to you and you can explore how fast or slow you want the movements and exercises to be. 

- It boosts health (body and mind)

For these unusual movements, the brain, nervous system and body are required to work together while bringing together the body and mind. This helps the body from a healthier movement pattern. This results in loosened joints and muscles, graceful movements and a therapeutic outcome. 

- Unleash the animal inside you

A part of this exercise is to unleash your inner animal by incorporating animal movements in martial arts like kung fu. A lot of these exercises includes mimicking the gorilla, money, lion, etc. which helps in building massive upper body weight and result in a full body workout as well. 

- You will shed calories

Don't worry about trying to keep up or about sweating things out. Like any other form of yoga, this one too is cardio intensive and when the animal form is added, it just gets more intense with time, making one sweat off all those extra pounds and calories. 


At the beginning of the class, one must obviously not expect too much from their bodies as the exercise may feel a little different and painful to those who have no yoga background. Like most exercises, this too takes time to get comfortable with since it is challenging both mentally and physically. 

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