Happy Easter 2019: This is how Easter is celebrated in different countries around the world

Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This comes with numerous traditions like egg hunts, church services, bunnies and lots of candy! Take a look at how Easter is celebrated around the world on this auspicious day.
People,easter,easter 2019,happy easter 2019Happy Easter 2019: This is how Easter is celebrated in different countries around the world
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Today is the day that Christians around the world celebrate Easter, to mark the end of the month of Lent. It also celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ who died on Good Friday. In this duration of 40 days, many observed the period of staying off alcohol and non-vegetarian food, attending Church service and even fasting.

A whole lot of people believe that easter is all about Bunny Rabbits and egg hunts, which is a Pagan origin practice. But the day is celebrated in many different ways around the world. Here is a look at how they celebrate this auspicious day.


Christians make up barely 3% of the population in the country and celebrate the day with all flair and gusto. Think colourful fairs and carnivals, street plays, dancing and singing and just a bunch of happiness. People also exchange gifts like lanterns, chocolates and flowers with one another to celebrate the day.


One of the biggest celebrations in the country, Easter is all about fun activities in the United States. From the President of the country hosting his very own Easter Egg Roll in the White House Lawn to individual families hosting egg hunts in their own houses, the day is an eventful one. Families get together for a large feast of a lunch.


In England, many communities celebrate with Easter performances like Morris Dancing, which is a folk dance that dates back to the middle ages. Men go all out in dressing up for this celebration. They don hats, bells around their ankles and walk through the streets by waving around large ribbons.

Another popular celebration is Egg Jarping, where two players have to smash hard-boiled eggs together. The player’s egg that remains intact even after smashing, is the winner.


In this country, Rabbits are considered pests since they destroy the land! So instead, they celebrate with the Easter Bilby, a rabbit like animal with soft ears and long noses and are endangered. This festival brings awareness to that point.

The largest annual event in the country – the Sydney Royal Easter Show also takes place on this day. The farming communities showcase their livestock while people in the city can take a look at what the farmer’s life looks like.


According to French tradition, Church Bells cannot ring from between Holy Thursday to Easter on account of these days being close to the death of Christ. On Sunday, the bells are rung and children get treats from the Easter Bells as opposed to the Easter Bunny!

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