Horoscope for the week: February 11 to 17, 2019

It is amazing when you have the power to create and pave your way into the future. Take a look into what this week has in stores for you.
People,horoscope,Weekly,zodiacHoroscope for the week: February 11 to 17, 2019
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This week, you will see your thoughts and conversations steering in an unexpected direction. Mobilising Mars and your zany ruling planet being on a collision course seems to be the reason to this. It’s the last time in your life these two planets will get together in this part of your chart, so if you need to say something that’s really bold and out there, go for it! Emotional safety seems to be your priority on this Valentine’s Day. Issues in your financial and social life may get resolved.


Your life seems to be going through many different phases. You could finally tackle a possession purge, getting rid of a ton of stuff you don’t need and freeing yourself from the weight of clutter. And there’s a possibility that the actions you take this week will have a positive influence on your self-esteem, especially if you’ve been feeling pretty low. Emotional ups and downs are likely to be a constant this week, learn to handle them patiently. Also Pisceans, please put yourself first because this week may shed some light on an unpleasant truth and the pain is going to be worse as the source might be someone you love dearly.


You are urging to break the rules, burn the game plan and do something right now to shake up your life. Your empire might expand at a rapid pace. This week will present you with tangible results, both in terms of profit and success. But don't get carried away, make time for yourself and your art as inspiration is closely knocking at your door. Just go with the flow. You might end up planning some crazy travelling trips this week, so save up!


After dwelling in midst of chaos, everything seems to be getting back in place. Your body is becoming increasingly sensitive as you transcend. Taureans, it may be hard to resist an urge to act against your own best interests, and you’ll need to stay on top of subliminal impulses if you’re going to avoid self-inflicted wounds. Make your health your top priority.


You need to keep trying and let your guards down a little Geminians. You’re trying to be a team player, but since everyone has a unique contribution to make, you might not be in perfect harmony. So long as you stay centred and keep your emotions out of the workplace, you are sorted for now. It’s time to keep a lower profile, work quietly to tie up loose ends and face the stuff you’ve been pushing aside. Nothing will bring you more joy than pushing your limits and achieving the impossible.


It is easy to point your finger at people and circumstances for what’s going wrong. It takes real courage to admit to your own flaws. Do not give up and victimise yourself already Cancerian! This week, you will find the will to tap into your inner strength and reclaim your lost power.


You’re looking ready to burst out of your comfort zone as you are back to reality and that could very well be a good thing. Just be mindful of temptations to take unreasonable risks and embrace radical views. You will start noticing other people for what they are, flawed. Just take a step back from drama. Try to work solo whenever possible, since you’ll be in no mood to answer to anyone!


Let go Virgo, as not everything stays forever. This week might start on a rather challenging note, circumstances could shake up the very foundation on which you have built your life. Emotions are bound to be intense and combustible, so you might need to take a timeout and retreat to your corners to cool things down. See this as an opportunity to cleanse your spirit and explore uncharted territory for a worthy cause.


This week may have some quick changes in your relationships. Maybe you’ll finally call it quits if a connection has gone as far as it can go. Love with all your heart, but do away with the expectation that your love will fix someone. Emotions will run hot, but you’re not meant to be calm, cool and collected during this transit. It will be difficult but you’ll learn to love yourself.


You may feel bored and stifled by your job and the daily life routines. But the planets might push you into an efficiency corner, daring you to break out of your routine. Look for chances to engage in activities with other individuals. Pairing up will be much more fruitful than flying solo, so work out with a companion for your next adventure.


This week may fire you up to take a risk for the sake of love, happiness and creative fulfilment. You might get on with something romantic, finally, without overthinking too much. You might also get out of a love affair if you need more space and you’re inclined to put your personal stamp on whatever you do now.


Here’s a chance to cut the ties that bind you and uproot yourself from the soil that isn’t nourishing you. Go and be with your family and bask yourself in their unconditional love this week because everything else can WAIT. Stay away from drama as mental and emotional well-being take the centre stage.

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