Mercury Retrograde: What it is, how it could affect you and everything else you need to know about it

This celestial event is known to cause certain setbacks in everybody's life. Here's all you need to know about this event!
People,mercury retrograde,all you need to know about mercury retrograde,mercury retrograde problems.Mercury Retrograde: What it is, how it could affect you and everything else you need to know about it
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Let its name not confuse you! Mercury retrograde does not literally mean that the planet is moving backwards. It is simply just an optical illusion that makes it look like it is the planet which is moving backwards from where we are viewing it on the Earth. 

Mercury is the planet which governs everything from the technology we use, travel, information and of course our moods. The period of Mercury retrograde starts from July 7 and goes on till 31 of the month will set everybody's minds spinning, moods haywire and turn everything upside down. Things will break, projects will stall, breakups will happen, schedules will be thrown off guard and will affect health and all forms of communication. 
Survival guide for Mercury Retrograde
Think of every possible solution to the problems you are facing. Take deep breaths and try not to get too frustrated. 
Be flexible and open to other possibilities as you will need to step out of your comfort zone. Try not to lose your cool. 
Keep an eye out for warning signs - people losing their temper around you. 
This is also the perfect time to resolve old issues that keep you up at night. 
Try to avoid getting into a negative thinking cycle. It is a loop that you will never be able to get out of. 
Try not to stay alone, when you are along your mind tends to wander. Instead, catch up with friends, go out for dinners. etc. 
Don't exaggerate situations. There is already enough going on without exaggeration. 
Try not to set unrealistic expectations when it comes to dealing with people. Try to keep your expectations low. 
During Mercury Retrograde, your stress and anxiety is also off the charts. Many people have trouble sleeping, communicating and every small thing seems to bother and effect them. Everything can get thrown off guard because of a flawed sleep cycle - your workout routine, your food habits, your mental health, etc. but it is important to try to maintain the schedule 

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