Quick guide to become calm and confident in just 10 minutes

Try out these quick and easy guidelines which can instantly help you to calm down, be confident and happy.
People,calm,confident,selfcareQuick guide to become calm and confident in just 10 minutes
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Anything can easily lead to a nervous breakdown or crisis point, right from your credit card bill to being late for work. You might end up feeling drained and exhausted at the end of the day and make you feel like you can no longer cope up. In our daily life, our stress response can be triggered so frequently that we spend a lot of time unable to think clearly and remain calm.

Now, on a more serious note, excessive stress can seriously derail your health. In fact, people who reported being upset by dwelling on daily stresses were also more likely to face chronic health problems 10 years down the road. Hence, spare ten mins from your daily schedule and follow these are quick tips to stay calm, happy and confident.

Be adaptive

Most often humans tend to avoid changes in life. We find comfort in order, stability and sameness. Trying to adapt means stepping out of your comfort zone and taking up few measured risks. You can start by taking up a new language class, or joining a reading club or even simply by taking a new route back home. Step by step, you will realise that changes are positive and will appear less threatening. Eventually, your stress levels will co down and will begin to feel calmer consistently.

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Perfectionism or satisfaction?

Being a perfectionist gains us huge honour and respect in the society. You end up being anxious and restless until you reach that desired level of ‘perfection’. But in reality, it can never be achieved. Try replacing your pursuit of perfection with a quest for the achievement of excellence. This will give you the feeling of satisfaction and help you become calmer.

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Be compassionate

Focussing on compassion can be really good for your well-being. It feels great to show compassion to others and even more to when you show it to yourself. When you practice compassion, your body releases chemicals like dopamine and oxytocin, which increases feelings of calmness, safety and trust. This instantly reduces the feelings of anxiety that we go through.

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Try sitting down and closing your eyes for a couple minutes while taking long deep breaths. Focus only on the breathing. This allows us to be present in the moment and experience life clearly and fully. It trains the mind to keep intrusive, unhelpful thoughts at bay, so that we can rationally solve problem. In and out guys, in and out!

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Write it all down

Maintaining a journal is considered to be an effective stress management technique by many people. Penning down your thoughts can calm you down to an unbelievable extend. This form of self-exploration works best when done consistently, so you need to make this daily journaling a habit. It hardly takes 7-10 minutes to put it all down on a paper.

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