Virgo, Scorpio, Libra: Here’s how every Zodiac sign acts when they are in a BAD mood

Horoscope 2019: From lashing out at your loved ones to ignoring people in front of you, this is how every Zodiac sign reacts when they are in a bad mood. Check it out
Virgo, Scorpio, Libra Horoscope 2019Virgo, Scorpio, Libra: Here’s how every Zodiac sign acts when they are in a BAD mood
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Well, a bad mood is something that we all have. While on some days you have people who trigger your bad mood, on the others, it may just be the hormones. While everyone has their way of dealing with their bad moods, some of them have a pattern of dealing with it. From lashing out at closed ones to getting in a zone and ignoring them, here’s how every zodiac sign reacts to when they are in a bad mood.


When Aries is in a bad mood they become extremely self-centred. They become demanding and need all the love and care in the world. They take reckless chances when in a bad mood, so never give them something important to do when they are not in the right state of mind. 


Taurus’ do not change when they are in a bad mood, their personality just intensifies. They get more stubborn, indulgent and lazy. Let them come out of their bad mood on their own. Anyways, there’s very little that you can do to help them.



When a Gemini is in a bad mood, they get extremely critical and judgmental. So unless you are not too sure about going and helping them, do not bother. Instead of giving them advice, you can just be around them to cheer them up.



When a Cancerian is in a bad mood they will just isolate themselves. On a normal day, they are pretty sensitive, so you can just imagine how hypersensitive they will get when they are in a bad mood. They tend to isolate themselves because even a single ill word will make their built-up emotions burst.



Any kind of attention is still attention, so if a Leo is in a bad mood, they'll just milk it for what it's worth and go into full-on drama queen mode. Their ‘go away, no, come closer’ state of mind just becomes confusing more than ever.



If you are the reason of a Virgo’s bad mood, you are going to have the worst time of your life. They will get all ‘preachy’ and tell you everything that is wrong about yourself. While doing so they will go in the self-doubt mode and the only pity they'll have is for themselves.



Beware! When Libra is a bad mood, they will come after you like it is your fault even if it is not. They will try to turn every wrong into rights. This is because it makes them feel as if they're more in control of their lives.



Scorpio is like Taurus — when they're in a bad mood, it intensifies some of their stronger personality traits. And let us admit that it is Scorpio that we are dealing with. They will try and get obsessive, possessive, secretive and jealous. So stay away from them because they can get frightening.



The good news is that when a Sagittarius is in a bad mood, they are not mean. However, they tend to get argumentative, reckless and extremely flaky. They will do anything to prove that they are right. Even when they are wrong.



Capricorns knew how to keep their calm even when they are in a bad mood. They get the coldest they have ever been while going down the negative route.



Aquarians love to be around people. But, when they are in a bad mood they tend to get distant and self-destructive. They go to great lengths to change their moods and it always turns out to be a disaster.



A bad-mood Pisces is clingy, needy, whiny, self-destructive and full of self-pity.  Their usual creativity goes for a toss which increases their whining to a whole new level. 

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How do you react when you are in a bad mood? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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