Weekly Horoscope 15th April to 21st April 2019: Know your astrology prediction for zodiac sign Leo, Aries

Weekly Horoscope April 15-21 2019: From financial expenses to health-related matters to your love life, read on to know what this week has in store for you as per your zodiac sign.
People,horoscope,weekly horoscopeCheck weekly astrology prediction for your zodiac sign.
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Aries sign will be recognized and revered for their work. You will make substantial gains in business and at work. You will also benefit a lot in your business. You might remain worried or tensed on account of your offspring. Students may encounter obstacles in their studies. You will be able to dominate upon your enemies and they will not be able to harm you at all. Your worldly life and duties will go on smoothly.


Taurus sign people will notice a rise in their social prestige and honour. However, there will be enhanced negativity in your domestic atmosphere so talk to people with the utmost care. Salaried people will make gains. You might get relief from your ongoing problems. Students will have to put in extra effort to succeed. There might be a rise in your expenditures.


Gemini sign people will be appreciated for their work at their workplace. Your siblings will support you and you will benefit on account of them. There are chances of a conflict in your familial life and a rise in your expenditures. You might remain about your offspring on some issue. You will benefit from journeys or something related to a foreign country.   


Cancer sign people will begin the week on a slightly difficult note. You might remain restless and feel unpleasant in yourself. You will have to do real hard work. Stay away from unnecessary debates and discussions else your prestige might suffer a blow. From the angle of money, this shall remain a good week. Take care of your health.    


Leo sign people will make monetary gains on the basis of their siblings’ support and help. There will be a rise in daily comfort and the experience of luxury. It is possible that stress may increase in the middle of the week. You will feel cheered up after receiving some kind of good news. Journeys undertaken will be beneficial and you will earn money.


Virgo sign people need to remain very alert as some people may try to harm your prestige. You must stay away from such people and such tasks. All your tasks, otherwise, will go on smoothly. You must exercise strict control on your spending tendencies you might get physically injured and it will remain a cause of irritation and worry.


Libra sign people will remain active about their work and will benefit substantially. Your confidence in your abilities will be amazingly high this week. You will meet new people who will help you in the future. Drive any vehicle with care and caution. You can earn a significant profit in your business. You may increase luxury items at home this week.


Scorpio sign people are in for a wish fulfilment; a wish that is close to your heart. You will receive good news. You will remain very busy and occupied with your work. Money wise, this will be a good week and there are chances of a sudden monetary gain. The end of the week may bring some difficulties, as there are chances of a rise in your expenditures, so you must stay alert.   


Sagittarius sign people will be successful in all their tasks. It is also possible that a wish of yours will get fulfilled. This will be a fun and happiness filled week. You might have to do some new work. There will be possibilities of a journey. You might have to deal with obstacles in government-related work but you will succeed in completing them. There will be sudden monetary gains.


Capricorn sign people may have to cope with a monetary loss. Your near-completion tasks may get derailed at the last moment so you must remain vigilant. There is a possibility of receiving unpleasant news.  Do not be superstitious in business else, you might suffer a loss. Things will improve at the end of the week and you will earn money.


Aquarius sign people will begin the week on an excellent note. You might get money. All your things will get through suddenly. There will be a rise in comfort and luxury levels in your daily life. Your health might pose a problem since the middle of the week and your expenditure may rise. You may go for a journey. Do not be careless about any work or even a small aspect of any work.


Pisces sign people will pay distinct attention to their comfort and luxury levels and will also spend on related items. Your health will remain good. Your enemies will not be able to stand your valour. You will accomplish all your tasks easily. You may have to face certain problems at the end of the week, so you must remain careful. You will make monetary gains.

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