What is yo-yo dieting: Is it bad for your health?

Constantly gaining and losing weight can be dangerous for your health. Here are three major disadvantages of yo-yo dieting.
People,health,diet,yo-yo dietingBreak the yo-yo dieting cycle: Why is it bad for your health?
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Resembling the up and down motion of a yo-yo, weight cycling or yo-yo dieting refers to the cyclical gain and loss of weight after a particular time duration. Even if not done intentionally, it sometimes happens organically.

At times, people let themselves indulge in desserts and binge on fast food, especially during holiday or festival season. After a few months, they try to starve their body, thereby resulting in major weight loss. However, it is not only an unhealthy practice but also dangerous to a certain extent. Moreover, it increases the threat of certain lifestyle diseases and recent research says it raises the heart risk too.

Enlisting the ill-effects of the diet plan, Sonia Bakshi, founder of DtF says, “You lose weight, you gain weight. You lose weight again, you gain weight again. This is what happens to yo-yo dieters. It is continuous weight cycling because of a dieting roller coaster.”

Following are the ill-effects:

1. Weight cycling, which means losing and regaining back your lost weight in some time, increases the risk of heart disease. The more one loses and regains the weight, more are the chances of coronary heart disease – a condition in which the arteries that supply blood to the heart become narrow.

2. Rebound weight gain due to yo-yo dieting increases the risk of high BP.

3. It also leads to frustration which in turn leads to depression in women.

Yo-yo dieting results in high body fat percentage and increases the appetite, which is not so easy to lose in a short period of time. Fatty liver, muscle loss and an increased risk of diabetes are a few more disadvantages. Sadly, it is affecting many youngsters due to irregular sleep patterns and work shifts.

“The bottom line is that it is better to be overweight than lose and gain weight by yo-yo dieting,” Bakshi says. Break the yo-yo cycle before you break your good health.

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