Kay Kay Menon,Prashant Narayanan,


Ankush Bhatt


Karan Arora

Music Director:

Sandeep - Surya

Release Date:

Friday, June 17, 2011
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Bhindi Baazaar Inc. (2011)

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Bollywood movie ‘Bhindi Baazaar Inc.’ is a story that has been set in the infamous area of Bhindi Baazaar in Mumbai. The story line involves gangs in the area, who are masters in the business of pick pocketing. Pick pocketing is like a means of earning bread and butter and the people involved in it use their intelligence to survive in the profession. The two characters, Shroff and Darzi, start it off with a game of chess. Each one uses their intelligence to reach the other end of the board. Every move in the game is related to real life. It shows how people are killed and used to proceed the game.

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