Deepika Padukone,Shah Rukh Khan,Kapil Sharma,Kajol,Manorama,Sathyaraj,Priyamani,


Rohit Shetty


Gauri Khan

Music Director:

Vishal–ShekharHoney Singh

Release Date:

Friday, August 9, 2013
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Chennai Express (2013)

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The story of a Mumbai boy (Shah Rukh Khan) who embarks on a journey to a small town in Tamil Nadu, only to fulfil the last wish of his grandfather to have his ashes immersed in Rameshwaram. En route, he meets a South Indian girl (Deepika Padukone) hailing from an orthodox family. As they find love through this journey in the exuberant lands of South India, the clash of cultures awaits them. What follows is a series of adventures where he finds himself in new surroundings, challenged with an unfamiliar language! Chennai Express is an action packed romantic movie.

Come fall in love... Rohit Shetty style!

Bikash Kr. Yadav's picture
25 weeks 5 days ago

Chennai Express is a super Hit Bollywood Movie of Shahrukh Khan

Anonymous's picture
35 weeks 2 days ago


Anonymous's picture
48 weeks 7 hours ago

Srk form me aa gaya ab akshay,ajay,ritik,,salman,aamir ko bach ke rahna chahiye.

Anonymous's picture
48 weeks 2 days ago

i love this movie because this movie is entertaining

Nads013's picture
48 weeks 5 days ago

An okay film. Time pass..

Anonymous's picture
48 weeks 5 days ago

Bollywood me sharukh khan jesa koy hero aab ane wala he hi nay wo bollywood ka sabse bada star he tha or hamesa rahega ajivan...

Anonymous's picture
48 weeks 5 days ago

I love this movie because I love SRK :D

SRK aap se mera 1 sawal tha-----sawal hain kia aap Chennai Express k bad ROHIT SHETTY k sath flim bana ange ???????

Anonymous's picture
48 weeks 6 days ago

SRK best in the world

Anonymous's picture
48 weeks 6 days ago

bollywood means srk if he has not come to bolywood door of bolywood has been closed until now it was awsom movie it was amazingly clean and srk u are a true gentelman inspite u are superstar of movie u let deepica name comes befor ur name u truely are a gentelman salman and amir have to learn from u how to respect ladies. both of them are loser in real life. u in real life are hero and in bollywood too. any one knows about ur amizing beautiful marriage and still u are most wanted man in whole world that all ladies love to marry u my god amazinng. srk u are amazing it is really great cror cror femal fan behind u even u never hide u did love marriage and u love ur wife i think this is ur sucses secret that ur heart is clean and u are a true lover so this makes u more charming for any one. such a great star and so down to earth and honest. in a place like bolywood full of broken marriage divorce cheating and betray and full of loser like salman amir akshay having a true human a man a super hero a gentelman like u is great feeling. thank u king khan for being such a nice human and being such a great star.

Anonymous's picture
49 weeks 6 hours ago


Anonymous's picture
49 weeks 11 hours ago

i love srk

Anonymous's picture
49 weeks 14 hours ago

Ek sharukh khan hi bolywood me best hero he

Anonymous's picture
49 weeks 2 days ago

Deepika, U r superb..n so hard working n Of-course The most beautiful girl of the world....There is no doubt....u deserve top 1, so u have.....I would like to say...U look awesome with Shahrukh khan than ranbir kapoor. N Of-course U will also be look awesome with Salmaan khan....!!! no one actress can be most beautiful n so hard working n so attractive like u....not katrina kaif also. How much yr fans world miss u, respect u, love u, n Of-course adore u....No words could ever say.....!! We pray n will pray The God for yr upcoming achievements....God's mercy always with u....Take care !!!!! Chennai Express is a superb movie than other movies....!!

Anonymous's picture
49 weeks 3 days ago

clean comedy, clean content and funny !!! without making fun or insulting of any culture, LGBT or downgrading woman , showing omphs of skin that films nowadays bank on to attract audience.

Anonymous's picture
49 weeks 4 days ago

Srk rockXx

Anonymous's picture
50 weeks 13 hours ago

I love it

Anonymous's picture
50 weeks 3 days ago

Its amzing movie

Anonymous's picture
50 weeks 3 days ago

Super star ka supar hit film.

Anonymous's picture
50 weeks 3 days ago

nice flim

Anonymous's picture
50 weeks 4 days ago

i love this movie ,above all

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