Raima Sen,Deepti Naval,Rituparno Ghosh,


Sanjoy Nag


Sree Venkatesh Films, Kolkata

Music Director:

Release Date:

Friday, April 01, 2011
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Memories in March (2011)

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The movie ‘Memories In March’ is a narration of the mind of a mother, who is going through an emotional turmoil. The story is about a mother, who one day receives the shock of her life that her son is dead. The mother then comes to Kolkata, the work place of her son to perform the last rituals and take his belongings back to Delhi. While she stays in Kolkata, the mother realizes that his memories and belongings are so very connected to his friends and the place where he stays. At a point, she also finds her own place amidst the people, who are otherwise strangers to her.

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