Gurdeep Mehndi,




Daler Mehndi

Music Director:

Gurdeep Mehndi

Release Date:

Tuesday, January 01, 2013
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Meri Shadi Karao (2013)

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A romantic comedy, Meri Shaadi Karao, is the story of Kalyan Singh who has lovingly raised his brother's son, Gurdeep as his own. Kalyan Singh harbours a secret unrequited love for his college mate Preetam who married someone else many years ago. By a quirk of fate he comes to know that his old love had been divorced and is looking for a good marital match for her daughter Radhika. Seeing this as an opportunity to meet his old love again he hatches a plan to get Gurdeep married to Radhika. What starts as a well-intentioned union soon spirals into a comedy of errors as the film reaches it climax.

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