Kiron Kher,Jackie Shroff,Kanwaljeet Singh,


Pammi Somal


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Friday, August 05, 2011
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Mummy Punjabi (2011)

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A complete family entertainer, the movie Mummy Punjabi is a story about humor, emotions and intensity. Actress Kiron Kher has done what she can do the best. The movie is written, directed and produced by Pammi Somal. The other cast includes Jackie Shroff, Divya Dutta and Kanwaljit Singh. The story of the movie is about a mother and her relationship with her family members. In the movie, Kiron is a Punjabi mother who has her own views. The movie portrays the uniqueness of the relationships with her children and husband. The film focuses on how her life comes a full circle as she reflects on her relationships, connecting with the hearts of all mothers, sons, daughters.

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