Amrita Prakash,Garry Gill,Lilette Dubey,


Pammi Somal


Sonny Somal

Music Director:

Release Date:

Friday, September 30, 2011
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Na Jaane Kab Se (2011)

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Bollywood movie ‘Na Jaane Kab Se’ is a romantic comedy flick. Actor Garry Gill in the movie plays the role of a tycoon, Karan Bajaj. Bajaj has his own insecurities and complexes. The story of the movie is about a bridegroom, who by mistake, gets in to a car and drives her off to the honeymoon resort. 2This is when all the rib tickling confusion begins. The father of the girl makes his best attempts to save the marriage. There is love and plenty of fun to enjoy with. The movie becomes more enjoyable when the film’s characters come out with their bizarre behavior.

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