Sunny Leone,Sandhya Mridul,Divya Dutta,


Bhushan Patel


Ekta kapoor

Music Director:

Honey SinghMeet Bros Anjan Ankit

Release Date:

Friday, March 21, 2014
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Ragini MMS 2 (2014)

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The film starts off from where its prequel Ragini MMS ended which revolved around a young couple Ragini and Uday who went to an isolated house for a dirty weekend and the creepy and paranormal happenings that took place to them there. Uday had planned to make an MMS scandal of Ragini in that house. But the MMS shot goes viral, Uday goes missing and Ragini after that incident became lunatic and ended up in a mental hospital. The Ragini MMS scandal catches the attention of a filmmaker who plans to make a film on it. He casts a Bollywood actress in his film to play the lead, Ragini. The film crew goes to shoot the film in the same house where the MMS scandal took place leading to further horrible and creepy happenings..

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