Shah Rukh Khan,Kareena Kapoor,Arjun Rampal,


Anubhav Sinha


Shah Rukh KhanGauri Khan

Music Director:

Vishal & ShekharIlaiyaraajaHans Zimmer

Release Date:

Wednesday, October 26, 2011
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Ra.One (2011)

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A father trying hard to 'fit-in' in his Son's badass world- A son … trying hard to 'dude-up' his dad from 'aiiiyyyo' to 'YO!' And a mother lost in translation between her husband's 'ingeva' and her son's 'Inn'it!' While Shekhar was trying every trick in the book to woo his son, get 'dude-ified' and 'up his coolness quotient' his son had given up on him.. Just when the father-son duo hit a deadlock- Shekhar strikes gold when he designs one hell of a game.. Finally it all starts falling in place... the family comes together... ...only to find themselves in the middle of a crash... ...not just a hard drive crash but a crash that would drive them to a disaster and make their lives go – KABOOM!!! … all hell breaks loose when - the game that was meant to be played with… starts playing them… The next level

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