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Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (2013)

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Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani brings two polar opposite characters, who at one point were from the same batch at Modern School, Naina Talwar, Deepika Padukone, a studious bespectacled young girl and Bunny, Ranbir Kapoor, a carefree young travel show host intent on breaking out of the pattern of getting an education, a career, wife, children, retirement, and eventually death. With a desire to be free and live a life of wildness. He embarks on a journey with his two best friends, Aditi, Kalki Koechlin, a tomboyish girl and Avi, Aditya Roy Kapur, a satirical joking boy. He meets Naina, fails to completely recognize her, eventually invites her to spend her time with him and his friends in Kashmir and ultimately, their crazy journey with the ultimate destination, "Love". As the two mature from the age of 21 to their 30's, they recognize their priorities, realize their true desires and celebrate madness, warmth, marriage, wildness, freedom, togetherness, reunions, friendship, breakups, family, love and flop films

Anonymous's picture
43 weeks 1 day ago

Very nice movie and i love dipika

Anonymous's picture
43 weeks 2 days ago

i like movie and I LUU RK and DP

Anonymous's picture
43 weeks 4 days ago

khatra chha
i like this movie:)

Anonymous's picture
43 weeks 6 days ago

best film

Anonymous's picture
44 weeks 15 hours ago

I love this film and ranbir.

Anonymous's picture
44 weeks 15 hours ago

I Love this film ,and ranbir and deepika

Anonymous's picture
44 weeks 4 days ago

amazing movie

Anonymous's picture
44 weeks 6 days ago

Madhuri's item dance is the best and highlight

Anonymous's picture
45 weeks 1 day ago

Mast hooN maiN mehak sey us gulki | Jo kisi baagh meiN khila hi nahiN

Anonymous's picture
45 weeks 2 days ago

Verrrrrrrrry nicccccccccccccccccccc

Anonymous's picture
45 weeks 3 days ago jodi..beautyful

Anonymous's picture
45 weeks 4 days ago

I like the life of naina and bunny..., i want that life

Anonymous's picture
46 weeks 6 days ago

i love Deepika Padukone

Anonymous's picture
47 weeks 2 days ago

Sam sul hadi

Joyeec's picture
47 weeks 3 days ago

So excited for this movie :)

Anonymous's picture
49 weeks 5 days ago


Anonymous's picture
50 weeks 5 days ago

i am waiting for deeplka 9981851286

Anonymous's picture
51 weeks 1 day ago


Anonymous's picture
51 weeks 2 days ago

Ranbir kapoor is my favorite actor. I love RK. RK and dipika are rock.

Anonymous's picture
51 weeks 4 days ago

Rk is batmizz

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