Imran Khan was the first choice for 'Cocktail'

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Director Homi Adajania says Imran Khan was his first choice for romantic comedy "Cocktail", which has Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone and model Diana Penty.

"Saif was not the first choice. Imran was supposed to do it but he was not sure if he wanted to do it at that point of a time," Adajania told IANS.

Being produced by Saif's Illuminati Films, the film will come out July 13.

"As Saif is the producer, he was going through the scripts, he read it and loved it. So, it worked out pretty well and that is how he came on board," he said.

Adajania debuted as a director with dark film "Being Cyrus" and it had Saif in the lead role. Dimple Kapadia and Boman Irani too featured in it.

For "Cocktail" too the director has roped in Dimple-Boman to play prominent roles.

Explaining their presence in the cast, he said: "Dimple and Boman are also there in the film and it is not like they were in 'Being Cyrus' so are part of this film as well. It is not a matter of familiarity but using talented actors who fit the bill."


sorry but imran isnt that great looking or a great actor - saif was the better, right choice

@PaniPuri Lol! Saif's a weirdo.

either they ditched ik or ik dropped the film- thanks to bkb flopping. dp and ik publicized a lot that they were doing another film together so bkb flopping had a lot to do with ik not being there. people have nada interest in the ik-dp pair.

Sat, 2012-07-07 06:29 — Anonymous
aishwarya and imraan ! WOOOW !

Yes and At the end of the movie when he chooses the other girl ...........
she eats him...;) will be great movie.......

Sat, 2012-07-07 06:29 — Anonymous
aishwarya and imraan ! WOOOW !

Yes and At the end of the movie when he chooses the other girl ...........
she eat him...;) will be great movie.......

so it would have been another obnoxious break ke baad all over again? good thinking, imraan!


@Sat, 2012-07-07 06:21 — Anonymous
Excuse me . Imran is a gd boy no doubt but why called Ranbir egoistic? He is the most down to earth person ok. And 20 times more successful among his age group.

who cares everyones waiting for ek tha tiger on aug 15th !

i think Imran made a good decision....Cocktail looks fun because of two girls & music but I have strong feeling that it will flop.

imarn shud have done it....he was the right choice for this role....hes can play "good boy" and "bad boy" roles really well. loved him in i hate love of my fav movie.
imran deepika diana...........SUPER HIT for sure.
saifu uncle ruined it...hes to old to play these roles....n why does he always wanna play these roles.....something is really wrong w. him

Imran is good at the 'good boy' roles in which he looks lost and makes those adorable puppy dog expressions but I guess this movie required the male lead to have a bit of swagger. Saif would've suited this role 7, 8 years ago but he does look too old to work with 20-something girls. I would've like Abhay Deol to play Gautam.

His production company is called 'Illuminati' Films? :S

Imraan and Deepika ??? ! Imraan is more good looking..hes too hot to work with deepika...but Saif...i think he needs to work with other actresses too than the problem is deepika...she was the wrong choice for the movie...they cud have chosen Kareena, Anushka or Priyanka... or...aishwarya and imraan ! WOOOW ! but aish is fat...

I like Imran soooo muchhhh. I think he is the only good boy in the film industry. Others like Ranbir, Shahid are very egoistic. Hate them

imran may not know how to act but he would have being better for the role instead of 'saifu' uncle!

such a shame! imran would have been a much fresher and better choice than saif who just looks awkward and out of place with those two young chicks.

He was the perfect choice for movie. I just wish he would have done cocktail.


Would have been much better if Imran had done it, much younger and fresh look... Saif looks like heroines father now... can't stand him anyway...

Imran would have been FAR more age appropriate. Saif looks embarrassingly silly in the promos. These 40-45 year old men need to stop casting themselves with women in their 20s.

Awwww ! I wish Imran had done Cocktail ! He would have been fab ! I like Saif but I am now tired of him trying to act like he's 20-something when he 's not !

Imraan is more age-appropriate for the role.

i would have actually loved to see imraan in this bad boy role

Imran shud have done.........ever since the promo came out of this friends..sister and i have been saying that they shud have cast IMRAN...he woud have been perfect for that role....saifs tooo old.
well know i see that director thinks like us....he also thought imran wud have been perfect. then wat went wrong in casting him.

saif needs to stop doing young roles....hes old

Thank God Imran isn't casted in the film. he doesn't fit in the role and in the whole film properly.
I love him, but the three ( Deepika-Imran-Diana) would look really weird and stupid like a high school kid hanging out with two college girls !!!!

If I remember correctly, Imran was cast FOR SURE, and then Saif booted him out.

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