Sridevi 15 times beautiful, better actress now: RGV

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Anonymous's picture

Sridevi is a true Indian Beauty!!! love her

Anonymous's picture


Pinkvilla_boy's picture

COULD NOT agree more Mr RGV
P.S. thou i don t take you serious other than this

Anonymous's picture

Thu, 2012-08-16 15:33 — Anonymous
lol that's mean, but yeah Boney Kapoor and she managed to have 2 kids with him?! :/

Anonymous's picture

He probably thought....if Sridevi liked Boney Kapoor, she couldv liked him too....alas

Anonymous's picture

RGV is biggest admirer of sridevi...they should work together again

Anonymous's picture

Karan Johar is also a huge Sridevi fan

filmychica's picture

RGV always had a thing for sridevi.
He was always a super fan of hers, and often revealed his weakness on and off screens. This must be his lucky year to have his heart-throb back on screen. haha

Anonymous's picture

Agree, her acting in this feels very authentic.

Anonymous's picture

I agree 100% with him!!

Anonymous's picture

He such a big fan of hers...probably the biggest from the industry..


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