Yukta Mookhey accuses husband of abusing her

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just because people like you call it publicity, women should suffer? what if it was your sister or best friend or cousin or somebody close? Would you still be so insensitive?

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This is a rich and independent woman. If this was indeed happening, then why did she not walk out and stay on her own earlier. Today’s society has given women a free rein to do anything. Among the educated, It is often, women slapping men and starting violence. The same also happens on shows like Emotional Atyachar where cheating men get savagely hit by their gf but cheating women just get angry and walk away. Many women do the same in real life too and most educated men would not hit a woman unless she hits him first. Sorry. It is just too easy these days to accuse a man, his mother, sister, brother, father of DV, dowry, 498a etc and just throw them in jail and get leverage in divorce proceedings through potentially dubious accusations. The law is too biased.

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She want cheap publicity. After seeing tremendous success of Priyanka, Aiswariay, kareen, katrina she also hope to a come back. Present time for cheap publicity accuse husband/ boy friend with d.v/dowry/rape is the best way and many women trying it also. This will also a publicity stunt for getting her noticed.

Anonymous's picture

Women usually suffer in silence. As long as you portray a HAPPY picture, you are respected in society even today. If you cry, people think either you are tooo sensitive or lack some qualities and people don't want to hang out with you. Men get away with anything usually. It's just not fair! (laugh and the world laughs with you)

So, being a beauty queen..I mean beauty has nothing to do with how a man treats you... The person who hurts his /her spouse needs lessons and behavioral therapy. If kids are involved, it is even more pathetic. They see mother being treated like trash. What's the solution?
Women stay for reasons like their finance, character assassination, lack of support, Sympathy for husband(guys can cry fake tears), kids etc., Nothing is worth your safety, sanity and health.
Atleast Yukta can walk out. I hope others get the courage.

Anonymous's picture

Horrible if this is true, hopefully he will be punished.. Its really sad that after being so educated and intelligent women still have to face domestic violence.. I really wish she nails him down..Its one of the horrible thing that can happen to any woman , they loose self respect. this is not at all acceptable, I am truly sad that she tolerated this for such a long time.. :(

Anonymous's picture

a man who raises his hands on a woman is not a man, but a coward of the highest degree. they are usually low self esteem, frustrated guys who cant even dream of fighting other men. so they vent out by hitting the women. i hope all these guys burn in hell.

Anonymous's picture

So sad. Good she is standing up for herself.

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Man, that's awful. Guy should be punished hard for this. Poor girl, wonder how much she has been through? May God give her strength.

kohinoor's picture

There is NO excuse for domestic violence. Such men never change.
I agree with the comment
She is one of the best Miss India we ever had

moimeme's picture

there should be really severe punishment for guys who beat up women..God did not give them extra strength for that reason!

Anonymous's picture

Their wedding pictures look so fairy-tale like. Shows how nothing is as it seems. No one knows what goes on behind closed doors. :/

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I am Sikh and when I read someone's comment below, I was outraged at first and realised it is true sadly. But domestic violence does not stop with cultural borders, it happens within every ethnicity and race and a lot of times men that commit such crimes are highly respected outside their houses (case in point, yookta's husband). And a lot of times women are scared to speak up but we as outsiders should not turn a blind eye to our sisters suffering in silence. Ironically, Sikh Gurus were one of the first few to speak up against oppression of women.

Anonymous's picture

That is sad

Anonymous's picture

Oh yikes :(
There is NO excuse for domestic violence. Such men never change.
I wish her the best.

Anonymous's picture

Her husband's a Sikh. Sikh guys are notorious for beating up their wives. I live in Vancouver and there so many cases like these in the large Sikh community.

Pinkvilla_boy's picture

this is indeed SAD she was one of the BEST miss India for sure

bebo_pclover20's picture

That's awful - hope she gets justice for what's happened with her!

lady_in_pink's picture

oh Man!!! shame on her hubby who had stoop so low....disgusting

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Anonymous's picture

Noooo! Oh how devastating!

Anonymous's picture

Its so sad. i hope things work out between them.

Anonymous's picture

this is sad

Anonymous's picture

What's with Miss Worlds and domestic abuse.


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