Hrithik Roshan Wows Etawah!

Anonymous's picture hrithik...hottie...the bestest actor n dancer...

femalequixote's picture

When does this air?

Real Talk's picture

this is one good human being from inside out!

Voiceswriter's picture

LOL Duggu.

Anonymous's picture lover boy you crazzyy for youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Anonymous's picture

That's my Hrithik! He will go down in history as a complete actor and the best dancer in his generation and many to come! There is no one like him..

Anonymous's picture

Best looking guy and the best dancer of bollywood. He needs to do better films.

Anonymous's picture

Best dancer and one of the best actors we have! Woohoo go Hrithik...

I really really do hope that Hrithik gets a deserving share of appreciation in the awards season. He was absolutely phenomenal in Agneepath!

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Awww 2nd pic :) she must be feeling out of this world :)

Anonymous's picture

Hrithik.. I LOVE YOU!

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