'Raanjhana' helps Sonam rediscover passion for acting

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That definitely means she will be her usual in Raanjhana....TORTURE!

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Hope she learns to emote well on screen, she has had five years but she has not improved, but many are like her, Deepika too has not improved as much and also the extremely LUCKY but TALENTLESS Katrina Kaif!

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I really hope she acts this time and is not saddled with an annoying character.. coz ranjhanaa sounds like a genuinely romantic film... nd i m also luking 4ward to a r rahman's music

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I am so looking forward to this film! Tanu Weds Manu was an underrated gem, and Sonam fares best in these low-key, understated roles. I also love a sweeping romance with socio-political overtones (Yay, Reds and The English Patient); so I have high hopes.

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She should be a model.

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awwww go Sonam!!! hope you surprise everyone with awesome acting!

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Still think she is more passionate about fashion than acting.

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Shine like you never before. Definitely she has that beautiful face, a sweet voice & natural acting ability. All she needs is good scripts and good directors. She will be one Top.

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