Deepika Padukone's platter full in 2013

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but how......" it was a fillam without a script'

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every other films she is doing now is good except one Ram leela. She has an athletic body and she does not matches the personality of the character. As for her male costar in Ram Leela less is said better. Romeo Juliet concept is also used again and again in Hindi Cinema even Amir khan's first movie was based on this concept. SLB is running out of ideas. Anyway Deepika is definitely going to sizzle in her other three movies. Good luck to her.

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the best thing that happened in Race 2 was Deepika. wowwww i have never been so into an actress, her legs just keep going never ending, her glasses, the make up, and her acting was great.

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2013 is Deepika Padukone's year!:D Even have a feeling 2013 is going to be a successful year for other actresses as well

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