Ram Leela Trailer : What to Expect ?

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I ♥ Deepika. Ranveer i like your lootera. To be honest the trailer is ★★★★★ and i hope so movie keep our expectations up. And I am soooo excited for the movie. please release it before :-p

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waiting for the reviews about dippy!

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JUST saw the trailer!!!!hit hit hit hit hit hit much better than dhoom 3!!

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I just hope there is no overacting by Ranveer. He is a very expressive and can be a real actor...don't know why I fear that. Maybe coz of his energy that he is always portraying. He had disappointed me a little in Lootera as compared to Sonakshi's realness. Have loved all of his other portrayals. Hoping he nails it just right here.

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i'm waiting for so long now. CMON I'M DYING TO SEE DEEPIKA PADUKONE.

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im so excited cant wait any longer ..

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just expect more pictures and stiils

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It sounds like SLB has been heavily inspired by Ishaqzaade. Guns, violence, sex, lovers on the run....all been covered brilliantly and brutally by Habib Faisal. The only thing that SLB will add to that mix is naach-gaana and glamour.

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fake ..super flop

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This Subhash K Jha can't be trusted.. but i can't wait to watch the trailer tomorrow a

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I had told it before .this movie is going to be ranveer singhs movie . He has got the agression to play the part . Deepika never gets out of her comfort zone . Little bit sometimes but unlike priyanka and Kareena .never all out . And thos is an all out movie .

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omg!SLB is having sleeplesss nights..i think..too much make up..and broooahahahaha...for this film...launch your trailer..and will see to it! Dnt expect much with this...really very predictable movie...so I guess..he will have to prmote acting ranveer-deepika acting skills..since the costumes, sets..are already having nice word of mouths!

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Now I'm waiting for the trailer even more. I expect a beautiful love story with beautiful songs and dances and of course sizzling chemistry between Ranveer and Deepika.

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I am sure both Ranveer n Deepika will rock... I wont be surprised if they win best actor n actress this year... :)
baby in your dreams only

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Looking forward to the trailer but also ignoring every word this major suck up, SKJ, says. He doesn't even make an effort to hide his biases.

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Not interested in ranveer to be honest.

More intrested in seeing leela and I am sure she will steal the show with her screen presence, talent and looks.she will always to special package in movie onscreen to surprise all and thats one of the reason her performance is not talked abt before the release of the movie (going by all her movie pr since cocktail)

I know , ram leela pr is trying to push ram character and ranveer for intitial promotion to see auidence reaction and acceptance he has lot of free time too and then its your turn to promote dp in full fleged during the time of release (going by the pattern of all her releases since cocktail) speaks of itself as by then she will take out time from finding fanny and hny as agreed with eros to promote both ram leela and kochadaiyaan.

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Omg so excited!!!!!

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Subhash Jha the one who loves to play favourites and biases his writeups should never be taken seriously

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Reading PASSIONATE LOVE-MAKING SCENES just made me cringe! i just can't!! I'm just so excited right now to see Deepika as Leela.. :)

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I am sure both Ranveer n Deepika will rock... I wont be surprised if they win best actor n actress this year... :)


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