Sunny Deol vouches for Dr Satyapal Singh

There were huge crowds at the road shows held by Sunny Deol on Thursday March 20, in support of BJP candidate from Baghpat Lok Sabha seat, Dr Satyapal Singh.

Sunny Deol urged the people to elect Dr Satyapal Singh as Baghpat’s representative to the Lok Sabha and help Shri Narendra Modi become the Prime Minister. He said the voters, especially the youth, must use their vote like he (Sunny Deol) uses his “dhai kilo ka haat”. The actor reminded the people about Dr Singh’s stellar role as Mumbai Police Commissioner in enforcing law and order. He said only Dr Singh, who had resigned from IPS to serve his hometown, could help the area get out of its present miserable condition and put it on the fast track of growth.

Dr Satyapal Singh thanked the actor for coming all the way from Mumbai to support Shri Modi, BJP and him.


paji aapne ek picture 1947 se pahle ki rajniti par karni chahiye. dekhne layak hogi

sanni paji tussi bhi chunav lado uttar pirdesh se sambhal seat se pls

sunny paji an rajniti me badlav jarur aayega.
sunny bhaiya aap great ho.

sunny paji an rajniti me badlav jarur aayega.
sunny bhaiya SAP great ho.

kya bat he aap to chha gaye ho Paji

sunny paji ab rajniti me badlav jarur aayega.

har har modi
ghar ghar modi
dhai kilo ka haat
sunny paaji tussi gr8t ho

sunny deol is megha star

vote and support Dr. satyapal singh ...............from baghpat ..........har har modi

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