'Singham Returns' is tribute to nation: Ajay Devgn

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lol, Ajay

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As the great Amrish Puri once famously said "BAKWAAS BANDH KARR!"

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Ohh so sweet. That's the only thing the team found to make the movie relevent?. Only during promotions, we get to hear these lines: "It is a tribute.."

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relevant** Typo

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Lets wait to see what ur bubbleheaded,hideous looking idol can come up with during her movie promotions.

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Are you seriously comparing Kareena's flowerpot role in Singhan Returns with Priyanka's epic role in Mary Kom? Oh well, get well soon.

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Oh it is a tribute alright! The bat shit crazy stuff people say in the name of promotions.

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AWESOME can't wait for 15th August ;-)

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Kuch Bhi ?? LOL worthy

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I think the Ajay starrer Satyagraha was supposed to come out on Aug 15 last year but had to change the date to avoid a clash with another movie. He's into making patriotic movies these days, good for him.

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