Madhuri Dixit at an Oral B event

Madhuri Dixit at an Oral B event

Credits: FB

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Chief Smile officer, what does she know about dentistry?

She is selling everything left and right.
That is what you call a self destruction

With no film offers coming her way, she has to sell toothpaste and washing powder. She should have stayed put in Denver.

Madhuri is back to her roots i.e being an item girl, ad girl.
She lost her aura big time

finally..she got it right.

the real Doc is sitting at home twiddling thumbs so that she can play Doc and sell few tooth pastes. ironic.

She looks great yarr...........

this outfit is very ill-fitted espec the blazer but at least she's covered

Would have preferred in something Indian...This is too matchy matchy!


That is a very nice fit - she looks great

I like the suit! Sensible choice for her and colour coordinated with the marketing... nice!

Looking smart yet radiant. Love it.

Grace & Beauty Personified

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