Amy Jackson at the music launch of Siva Thaandavam

Amy Jackson at the music launch of Siva Thaandavam in Chennai.

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love her

she is soooooooooo ppppppppprrrrrrrreeeeeetttttttttttyyyyyyy.......

absolutely stunning.. the new aish

she looks like a younger aishwarya.

I couldn't even tell it was Amy, she looks very different here and also very Indian, except she doesn't have that typical beak/hook nose that so many bolly actresses have like kareena/katrina, deepika, etc.

MAN, what I would give to look like her...

nd she kinda luks bhengi "Kahin pe nigahein kahin pe nishana"

Last two pics remind me of Mamta Kulkarni

SO beautiful. Watch out Aishwarya.

Also, it's funny that she obviously tans herself to be more brown in a country obsessed with light skin.

White girls can't carry off desi clothes. Just looks odd on them. LOL. And she needs to practice put on false eyelashes properly. They are so badly done...

she looks exactly like Tamanna, she is south movie actress

i love her eyes!

Wed, 2012-09-12 08:12 — Anonymous

disagree with srk_fangirl.....she looks weird with these clothes and what a BIG FEET!
Ohh why do u find her weird i think shes looking really pretty. Lol, her feet are looking big cuz it's closer to the camera:)
BTW did she broke up with that freak ratiek or something?

I have seen very fair Marathi brahmin girls who look similar to her.

HOLY crap how did they make her look so INDIAN?? they made her look so fake and orange in ek deewana tha

She looks like Megan Fox in these pictures. It's nice to see Amy without her fake tan. if Katrina and other non-Indian actresses can get work in Bollywood without darkening (tanning) their skin Amy can too.


she looks lik saumya tandon...!!

wow...u cant tell shes british form the outfit....

She doesn't look indian from any angle, she looks like a white girl in indian wear.

Nice outfit.

She is stunning

disagree with srk_fangirl.....she looks weird with these clothes and what a BIG FEET!

She has the most amazing eyes, but living in the US surrounded by white people, I see eyes like these daily

she just looks like a very fair Indian girl.....

she has such a barbie-like face!
usually white girls who r not use to indian clothes look awkward in them but she carries it off beautifuly.

How beautiful and Indian she looks. Normally she looks like a white chick or Megan Fox.

stunning beauty !!!!

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