Simple tips for the Perfect BLUSH!!

At times it’s a big challenge when it comes to picking up the right blush. A blush color that goes well with your skin tone and compliments your attire should be selected. If you are fair skin, remember lighter is better. The job of blush is to give a healthy glow. It is meant to be a natural and subtle looking makeup. If you fall in the category of medium skin tone, the best colors for you are rosey pink and deep peaches. For Darker Skin, you could use colors from rose to deep oranges.

Next, choose a big fluffy brush for blush application. And keep it different from your powder brush. A layer of powder will help your blush go on uniformly on your skin and last longer. Expertly applied blush can shape and define your face, creating the illusion of cheekbones that don’t exist and it’s easier to do than you think.
When applying mineral blush, keep in mind that you only need the slightest amount to achieve a beautiful and natural effect. (This is not regular powder blush.)

Just barely touching the blush, use your brush to "grab" a tiny amount from the container, swirl the bristles in the lid (or container of your choice), and then tap off all the excess.

For an "apple of cheeks" look, smile and sweep the blush from the apple of your cheeks up to your hairline, ending at your temples.

Then for a face lift, work the blush brush back and forth outside the eye area so that the strongest point of color is there.

For a more "cheek bone" look, apply bronzer over your blush (or alone) blending upwards just along your cheek bones.

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