A Fan's Shocking Experience at TOIFA

Below is a Fan's experience during TOIFA in Vancouver this past weekend. The post has been modified from the original. You can read the entire blog here . The reason this has been posted is because its getting a lot of attention on social networking sites like Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook.

TOIFA Week: part 2

In my last post I said this entire week would be busy and crazy; and that was an understatement. I am actually so shocked and disgusted at the things that happened. It was so unexpected.

So after the Musical Extravaganza my family and I booked two rooms at Pan Pacific Hotel in Vancouver where all the stars were staying. I just so happened to be on the same floor as Ranbir Kapoor. And anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE RANBIR KAPOOR. I think he is the best actor in all of Bollywood and he is so talented and he’s just so gorgeous. I also thought he was probably very nice and kind… However I was wrong about that.

I understand celebrities need privacy, but they also have to understand that it’s because of the fans that they are where they are right now. If we don’t watch their movies and support them and ask them for pictures then who are they? What is their identity? Of course there are some crazy fans but I’m definitely not ranting to condone their crazy. I’m ranting because I believe that famous people are truly misunderstood about the position they have in the public eye.

There were literally 10 people standing on my floor for Ranbir Kapoor. They were speaking so loud and that was their fault. But my cousins and I wanted to see him too, but we didn’t want to get in trouble so we decided to go down to the lobby. We met Anurag Basu and he told us that Ranbir is out driving around and what not, however another girl who was with Anurag told us after 3 hours of waiting in the lobby for him, that he was in his room and he was “really messed up”

We went back downstairs and we came back at about 5 in the morning, I went to my other room to go change and my cousins went to their room. My dad was waiting for his friend in the hall. While I was leaving my room to go to my cousins I heard Ranbir Kapoor swearing and yelling. I knew it was him before I even saw his face. His face was just centimetres away from my fathers. He was yelling at my dad and he pushed him three times. I am so thankful my dad didn’t say anything. My dad loved Ranbir Kapoor just as I did, but I knew it took him everything to not say anything back. I literally just stood there frozen and I couldn’t say anything no one saw me and I just couldn’t move. I’m there thinking “Holy fucking shit, Ranbir Kapoor is swearing at my dad and what the fuck happened? This can’t be happening.”

I quickly ran into my cousins room and I’m practically screamed “HOLY SHIT, RANBIR KAPOOR IS YELLING AT MY DAD!” My aunt and cousin got up and went to go see, when Ranbir realized we were watching he quickly walked away. I was so choked.. And do you want to know why he was mad? Because his friend came out to tell my dad he couldn’t wait near the elevator because Ranbir was coming out and my dad’s like why should I leave? That’s when Ranbir came to bitch out. Seriously these celebrities think they own shit, but you guys are in Canada. Understand that you don’t own shit. I feel so crappy. I loved that man, I admired him so much. But I can’t look at him the same way anymore. I literally felt so sick for the rest of the stay in the hotel. I can’t stop crying every time I think of Ranbir. It feels like I broke up with an ***** boyfriend, I can’t move on from.

I can’t believe some of the things I saw this weekend. Everything feels so surreal. I really regret staying at the hotel because I learned some horrible things about the stars I love and it really disturbs me. I can’t watch a Ranbir Kapoor film the same way anymore. A lot of the stars were actually so fake. I was really pissed at how they were treating their fans. I still can’t believe this. I mean how does one deal with the fact that the ones you admire are the ones who you’ve lost all respect for and they’ve lowered in your eyes? I still can’t deal with this ache. Everything I felt about the Indian Cinema feels so fake now. I just can’t believe this.

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Anonymous's picture

OMG!!! I disliked this guy before, but now I am just shocked!! This is appalling!! :( I have lost all respect for him!! :( Poor girl!

Anonymous's picture


kohinoor's picture

Some of them are like that

Anonymous's picture

Great article, just what I was looking for.

Anonymous's picture

He's no saint. Look at the way he's treated women . Forget Deepika , Sonam and the rest of them . Hearing about his mobile phone antics and the KWK thing was clear that he 's out to use women . And his parents think he's the greatest thing ever. Still all the silly young things will chase after him and make excuses for him.

Anonymous's picture

Of course the story is true, even if it's exagerated . Why else would he bother sending his PR team to delete posts on PV or the girl's original post ? Or get the PR to put out buddy buddy stories with Anushka ?

Anonymous's picture

kitty love ur comments. people like moimeme and some others who doesn't have life without celebs. they love to degrade them . its their favorite pass time.

Anonymous's picture

i think the story is true.... Ranbir is such a wimp lol!! His legal team are making sites take down the post... LOSER!!! But many people have saved screenshots of the blog ;)

Anonymous's picture

Why is salman khan fan interested in Ranbir Kapoor's life all of a sudden? It's because Salman's Mental is gonna clash with Ranbir's Besharam.... That's why these losers doing all these...scared of competition.

moimeme's picture

@Sun, 2013-04-14 03:49 — Kitty

I'm shocked at how Anushka has changed...Sources say she wants to have the fame and adulation that Katrina Kaif. And to think that when I saw RNBJ and BBB, I thought she was different in a nice way...Since her mother didn't accompany her to TOIFA, I can believe the drunk incident. Her mom used to accompany her everywhere, but not anymore...

moimeme's picture

@Sun, 2013-04-14 03:49 — Kitty

I don't know, but him being on that kid's show creeps me out..though Vivek doesn't..maybe it has something to do with the making of Barfi! where they showed him and Ranbir going around and pressing their colleagues manboobs!

Kitty's picture

LOL moimeme, I know puppets can be verrry creepy. Remember that movie Dil Hai Tumhara with Jimmy Shergill and PZ? Hahaha that was so messed up. But yeah I met Anurag Basu quite a few times during TOIFA and he was really nice. I think there must be SOME truth to her story but also I think there was some exaggeration and fabrication. For example, what her dad thought he saw when he was peeping in Ranbir's room at 5:00 am. And the part about Anushka I seriously doubt (not printed in the sanitized Pinkvilla version). But yeah, the girl deleted her story, some will say it's to avoid a lawsuit and some will say it's because she knows she said some wrong things.

Anonymous's picture

So overrated as whatever actor and now this....I'm not surprise really.

People it will be a lesson to clamn down, smell the beans and try to work in more good films. Sick of his player drunk have fun roles. Not to mention the comedy.

He is just so lucky course his peers of actors are garbage until now. Or else he won't be everywhere.

Mark my words this year itself. Another much younger actors will replace him.

Anonymous's picture

Ranbir turning out to be a creepy guy.

moimeme's picture

@Thu, 2013-04-11 08:46 — Kitty

I forgot to mention, I also find Anurag Basu very creepy! He hosts that show India Dramabaaz on TV alongside Vivek Oberoi and Sonali..He has that whole puppet thing going on and man, I find that sooo creepy!

moimeme's picture

@Thu, 2013-04-11 08:46 — Kitty

From what I understood when the girl posted this post was that she was very very shocked and wrote all that in a hurry...Because I was following her tweets the day she wrote this, she definitely was heartbroken about everything and didn't take time out to analyse how her words should be put down.

@Wed, 2013-04-10 06:47 — Fiza_Khan

Don't bother, these fan-girls are nothing but blind with constant tags like #wesupportRanbir blablabla..unless they experience it first-hand then they will know. I must say though, RK is smart enough to fool these little girls!

Anonymous's picture

this is a fake story, r

Kitty's picture

I have read the whole (unedited) blog post of this girl and I really don't think it all adds up. PV did not print the whole thing here. She says Anurag Basu was creepy. (Why? She doesn't say.) She says three of Ranbir's friends standing around were "disgusting" (Why? She doesn't say. Apparently because one of them was wearing a robe?). She says her dad was just standing by the elevator (casually waiting for his "friend" at 5:00 am) but then she says he was looking inside Ranbir's room and seeing "things he couldn't unsee"? So I wonder if this man was just an overgrown fanboy sticking his nose inside someone's hotel room at 5:00 am and that's what started a conflict?

Fiza_Khan's picture

It is not necessary for an actor to be just like how he appears in movies/media -_- They can be a completely different person in real life...

@RAINA29... if he has apologized..good for him! He SHOULD have done that long ago.

I really respect RK's acting abilities, but that does not mean I will have to respect him as a human being. There is a FINE line between being a good actor and being a good human.... :)

Fiza_Khan's picture

I am losing my temper now. There are sooo many proofs and still the RK's blind fans are acting like RK is Sati Savitri. OH F*** OFF >_< Salman is a bigger "star" than RK and much older than him and DP is doing a movie with RK.. there is no reason for their PR to write anything against him. You know what? For people like you powerful people like RK gets over-confident, mistreats people and becomes unfair. Why are you supporting him? Because you like him as an "actor?" Do you even know him in real life? You definitely love his characters in movies, but how come even after soo many proofs you guys are denying it?

If you were in this girl's place, would not you do the same thing? & what if on that time some idiotic fans state "OMG! RANBIR IS AN ANGEL, HE WILL NEVER DO ANYTHING LIKE THIS!" Blah blah blah! I really hope you guys get the taste of your own medicine before bashing a poor girl who was mistreated by your IDOL Ranbir.

I really like Ranbir as an actor and star of this generation but I do not like him as a person (not that I care). The person you guys are fighting for does not even know that you exist. All these younger BW actors do sleep with women (look at Ranveer Singh's confession about it)...they also do drink .. esp the atmosphere where Ranbir was brought up ... I am not complaining about it neither do I care since none of them are my BF or something.... but seriously why be rude to someone? -_-

People like RK forgets that with great power comes great responsibility, which actors like SRK/Aamir Khan/Amitabh understood clearly. He should realize that this life is only for few years....we will all die one day..and all will become "equal" one day...in this life he is Ranbir Kapoor...but after life.....God will decide -_- So there is no need to be BOSSY.

RAINA29's picture

All of this is true guys. There's so many proofs. First RK's team made PV delete the first post that Owaid posted before about this with all the comments. Then, today RK apparently sent an apology to this girl and her father through email. I'm sure the apology did little to fix the poor girls heart. Ranbir is something else on TV/movies and something else on real. He's a heartbreaker :/ But one thing is clear, the media is not even reporting about this because his team is trying desperately to save his image. It's just sad that the media reports all false,nonsensical rumors and not the bitter truth:( I actually think RK needs to make a public statement in front of all the media because this is no way to treat a fan!! A half-baked apology through email will do nothing for the father or the poor girl. But I guess from this experience RK will be careful to treat his fans better. But in the meantime, most of us have lost respect for him in our eyes:(

Falling_Star's picture

I am shocked! Ranbir doesn't look like a person who will abuse anybody for such a pitty reason. it can be true, but who knows....

Anonymous's picture

Now this psycho salman's psycho fan posted the same topic in forum after deleted from entertainment segment.
Now I understand whose agent r behind the game. insecure moron doesn't have the guts to face competition. Already scared abt mental disaster.


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