Kareena Vs Katrina: whose better?

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kareena is best

@Anonymous kareena is 100 times better than that expression less so called katrina kaif.the worst actress in the bollywood industry.yuckkk kat...kareena the best ..the diva.sooo beautiful ...that's call real beauty.....this is 2 alll kareena fans and who think that kat is better....

Well sum times i find kareena beautiful but kat ahh give her to me for a night i will love her so much

katrina and sonam is best

Dislike kareena. She is pig faced.

Kat is 10 times better than kareena.Kareena did 'girly bubbly' kind of roles in most of her films and she even has an attitude problem and as far as looks are concerned she doesn't looks much beautiful than katrina but is ok

Kat is 10 times better than kareena.Kareena did 'girly bubbly' kind of roles in most of her films and she even has an attitude problem and as far as looks are concerned she doesn't looks much beautiful than katrina but is ok.-Anonymous

Kat is 10 times better than kareena.Kareena did 'girly bubbly' kind of roles in most of her films and she even has an attitude problem and as far as looks are concerned she doesn't look much beautiful than katrina but is ok

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Kareena all the way

Kareena is better than kat
Kat is worst actress, no talent
Kareena best
There is no comparison

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Katrina is far better than kareena !!!
Katrina is more beautiful & talented

kareena is more gud in comparison

tati kareena kapoor . katrina you are the beauty of the worls

always katrinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa kaif she is very beautifullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll girl in the universe

i like katrina

kareena aur sabhi actress tati khati hai . bas katrina ko chodkar because she is beauty of the universe.samaj mein aaya tati girls .

katrina is the best .kareena look like pig katrina is look like a princess


both are hot

karina is gr8 !!!

Kareena needs to be loud or size zero to get noticed.
Katrina is the smarter one with natural beauty and good choice of roles.She is LADY LUCK.

Anyone who acts with katrina will get lucky in their careers.

kareena look like pig and katrina is the beautiful then kareena written shivani


katrina is the best

east and west
kareena is the best


kareena is beauty preety.

kareena is d best
she has alot of nice movies and she is really pretty!

i like kareena a lot, she is so beautiful and awsome
katrina looks like a man...

i hate katrina n my best is kareena

i think kareena is better

i think both kat n kareena r best because both r my favourite. kat is cute like a doll n bebo's figure is very beautiful. my blessings r with both of them.

none. ash, deepu and pc are much better

Katrina has a better face and body, so my vote goes to katrina, she has the best body in bollywood.


bebo is much....................better than kat

bebo is much.........................better than kat

kareeena nytymmm...

katrina suxxx..!!!

i like kareena a lot, she is so beautiful and awsome...


katrina :-)


There should ve any comparison between them because Kareena is much more senior than Kat and for kat she got the look she is improving and eveloving into a fine actress.

they're both pretty but kareena is undoubtedly the better actress

even though i hate the way katrina speaks hindi i have to say katrina because kareena isnt that pretty. and i always find myself cringing when ever i watch her movies.

kareena is the best!

ofcourse kareena
she is nice actress

kareena is better than wild kat
stupid katrina
n katrina is stupid

Katrina on Wed, 2009-05-13 22:53.
LOl @ u for saying "Katrina........and amazing at acting." joke of d day!

how can you compare two hottest actress...

i love kareena...her look wise and acting...
shes is one of the finest actress....

i like katrina alot and her lookwise...
but it seems shes getting better in her acting

love both of them.....

@hrithikrules... why u saying ash in this post....

go and marry her ... we all know your all over ash

kareena is better then kait

kareena is better then kait

Submitted by Anonymous on Sat, 2009-06-27 09:32.

your absolutely right!


Definetly Katrina she has alot of nice movies and she is really pretty! I like Kareena too but I think that Katrina is better.

kareena is the best. kat is the worst.

Kat is nothing in front of talented Kareena


i tink kareena better and katrina

i dnt know till when indians will keep worshiping english ppl like katrina kaifff...they are always acting like doggies for foreigner they kiss their sandals lolzzzzz

listen all anti-kareena people kareena was best is best and will be best. kat will cry meow meow when will come to floor . listen and mind it.

dlight, where do you come up with these clever lines!! ??
but remember, use your talent for good, not bad.

kareena is sooo short...
tht kat will make her football n play well..

kat is best....
curry is worst....
katrina is gorgeous,kareena is dangerous..

kari is looking like tuffman...kat eat curry
kat is alway's good,n kari is alway's tasteless...bollywood curry...

ppl i like both but i like more katrina why she Enter Bollywood 4 yrs ago and kareena's whole family n Bollywood its been ages so she can do gud drama. wel katrina jus came nd look how wel she approved her self in bollywood she s talent nd she s rocking the bollywood industry...nd i dun give shyt who s dating who coz dere aint no one who dint use other ppl to with bollywood.

katrina is the best no matter what

ofcourse, katrina is the best


bebo has made all on her own . god bless

Better for what? You should say that also.
Kareena - Her Cheeks and lips
Katrina - Her Eyes and nose
Can we clone them to get a new mamal?

Kareena is more beautiful and talented soo bebo win

looks- katrina

Kareena of course

katrina, w/o a doubt



Kareena is fully indian yet is paler and has green eyes
i chose kareena

Kowreen is nothing without the Kapoor name.

Both have Huge long horsy faces. Look like men without makeup. Kat is bigger than most men.

kareena is beauty preety charmimg all. ktrina is a shit without salman

Starz - you said someone start kareena vs ash. I ask you: are you prepared to start world war 3?!

Kareena wins. theres no competition. katrina who?


both are pretty....but i do think kareena has more expressions on her face than katrina..and i dont like it that she is using salman!!

To anon-Sat, 2008-09-27 18:46-so wats ur point..if a woman dates and older rich man then she is hate able...like duh....don't most of the time we marry man older than us anyway.....and it takes two to tango....so Saif and Salman are also with them not that the women are just singlehandedly doing the deed.

Both are amazing and totally agree wid anon on Sat, 2008-09-27 13:45...especially on de size zero bit....who cares if most chubby chicks hate her sexy body....she looks real stylish in dat figure....the type of clothes she wears plus the globus wardrobe just suits her figure.....

ash vs bebo wil be fab , bec katrina is her slipper . well but in that to bebo wins.

kareena overall but like both they are the queens of bollywood

both are dating very hot man^^
anyway bebo, i also like kat but she cant act to save her life

both are going out with rich older man so guess none!

l like kat, find her cute/charming, but as far as acting is concerned she just sucks; kareena on the other hand ACE actresses, absolutely loved her in jwm!!

word.kareena all da wayy

Of course Bebo is better

starz i agree with you n am going to start ash vs kareena n comment plzzzzzz

Kareena! She's the better actress undoubtedly! Katrina gets a little boring after a while, Kareena has that freshness factor.

Kareena all the way... Yea true katrina is nothing wtout salman and plus she cant even act.. Kareena rocks!

both are Hot..but kareena is a ace actor unlike katrina who only knows how to giggle

someone start Ash vs Kareena...

katrina is nothing without salman khan and akshya kumar

i would go for kareena 4 her acting skill even though i dont like her.and not katrina because she cant make anything great by herself

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