Kareena's pic in Saif's house?

This is a cap from teh show Nach Baliye. Saif was giving karisma his best wishes for the show, and he was being interviewed at his house...I think. But what caught my eye was that there is a picture of kareena framed on his side table.

Credits: www.kareenak.net

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Thu, 2011-09-29 04:03 — Anonymous
I agree with you...I see the picture is the highlight more than anything, i mean its not in the background...so deliberate.

looks like the photo was set there wantedly, since he is not in the center but to a side so that the photo also gets captured.

chemeli was a superhit y u haters lie lol she got so known for that movie i cannot tolerate liars and asoka wasnt that well i agree

awww his mad 4 bebo i wont blame him who isnt!

Seiously Amrita helped saif's career..she is at least 10-15 years older than him and her career was finished even before saif was in college..ha ha..he got married when he was 21 and so he is old is he??? maybe his parents name helped him intially but no family name will take you far enough....look at fardeen and abhishek..ha ha

y is that unusual? people need to get a life

u are jealous hater of bebo coz she has kicked ash in the ass and is the queen of bollywood. the old hag hasn't managed to carry a film on her shoulders entirely and the ones she tried doing were mega disasters provoked, uj. nothing is as weird and pathetic as having a daughterinlaw getting touchie touchie with her father inlaw and wearing vulgar clothes in front of them those who think nothing is wrong with that are retards like you

excuse meeeeeeeeeee . he has the best kareena now .

luck guy she is getting all kind of girls...first amrita now.....kareena..
she is tasting all kind of "C"

hes such a douchebag gaylord...give it up wannabe! u aint hot and stop showing her around in your arms and in your house like shes a prize...f-ing morons

Hate em both. Can't act only family name saves them after so many flops.

best friend or big f$ck..............sick girl kareena

Same here, I'm curious as well. When did htey indirectly admit it?
Kareena's always been sayig that she's found a new best friend in Saif.

Really?? when did they say admit that??

this is not a dig...im curious

It takes an ordinary man to get a tattoo of his gf's names on his wrist but it takes a REAL man to place a picture of a woman he loves on his side table. Props to saif! Lucky bebo! However, i can put my money on the fact that these two won't last very long. They have both admitted (indirectly) to be in purely a sexually satisfying relationship but once the nagging starts and sex loses its charm, they'll be over before you know it. For now, its a great for their careers. Can't think of a better way to get so much publicity. Smart move!

She's ruined Saif and Shahid with her luck as they have flopped, must be manglik.

While Asoka and Chameli didnt fare well, they got a lot of critical acclaim. And is an actor's talent determinted by hits? If so, then I dont know what ot say to you. Obviously, Kat is the most talented actress to EVER grace hindi cinema, more so than Madhuri Dixit, Sri Devi, becuase Madz and Sri Devi also gave flops, unlike Katrina who's only given hits. Does that mean she's more talented?
Flops and hits are not a reflection of the actor. The role that the actor attemps is.

Asoka, Chameli were super dooper flops.

yess saif is and excellent actor and thrs nothing wrong with a pic of his gf beside him...they seem fake to at times..shahid n karrena were drooling at each othe rliek this not long ago so...who knows! :P

but natural... she's his gf..kareena ka nahi toh kya shahrukh ka pic hoga?

That's a very unfair statement to make.
Is Saif is such a terrible actor, how did he play the infamous Langda Tyagi in Omkara? How did he sweep every single award for negative performance? How did you play the sweet and innocent Rohit in Kal Ho Na Ho? How did he steal ppl's hearts in movies like Hum Tum and Salaam Namaste? How did he creep people out in psychological thrillers like Ek Haseena Thi? He's one of the most varsatile actors of this generation. And he also has had the biggest hit of the year, Race.
As for kareena, she's given many award worthy performances in movies like Asoka, Chameli, Yuva, Dev, Omkara, and finally Jab We Met. You can dislike them as people, but cannot take the title of being good actors away from Saif and Kareena.

Anonymous on Sat, 2008-10-18 11:37 righton when people say stuff like this for ash her idiotic fans come out and label everyones opinion as that of a 'jealous hater' so the same should apply to them if they cannot say anything constructive. its sweet and nice that he has his gf photo in his house. ash's bedside table must be having amitabhs or amar singhs :D

His wife Amrita, mother Sharmila and father were all bigger stars than Saif so his connections helped him. Despite Him and Kareena's FAMILY connections it was because they were pathetic actors that it took so long to find Hits.

Saif had to struggle for 15 years to get where he is. I dont see how his family named helped at all. Kareena also struggled for 8 years before getting JWM.

Both of these losers are their because of the family names. It's all who you know.

Oh thats nice lee. Atleast when you're laughing you're not drooling over aishwarya :) laugh away.


Saif looks fat. He needs to follow kareena to the gym.


He must have a thing for men since both ex wife and Kareena look male. Maybe he swings both ways.

Meriam...so weird to see you on a non Ash post..is'nt there an Ash post somewhere that you need to be stalking and foaming at the mouth over like a rabid dog???

Dear Meriam, I'm laughing at you.

He loves MARD types. Kowreena is HeMan.

He's got bad taste - Amrita Singh and now this ManFace.

Yeah. How many pics have changed on that stand?

Yeah and the pic wasnt displayed the entire time. Only when the camera shifted a lil I screen capped the footage. I dont see anything wrong with having your gf's pic with you.
For now, lets see how this unfolds. =)


Lee Aishwarya needs defending. Stick to that. As you and your cult would say "if you dont have anything positive to say dont say anything at all" or "if you dont like him/her why comment? if you do, that makes you a jealous hater" how come it's ok for YOU to make negative comments about other stars but not us?

Pic is fine. and no one knows for sure whether this IS INFACT saifs house. what diff does it make? he's not allowed to have a pic of his gf beside him?


Yeah I noticed that too!....I found that gesture kinda cheesy

aww cute saif looks hotttt

Can he get any more desperate? Good grief!

anon, what does "ms rai" have to do with my comments. Please don't follow my post. It's creepy. And I'm not a hater. Jealous hater? What does that mean? I'm jealous of Kareena? Why? Are we competing for something? Idiot.
And it is weird to have that photo next to him.

Couldn't he get a normal picture of her instead of a photoshoot picture. That is totally weird though.

lee what is so pathetic about saif having a picture of bebo in his house? if ms rai can clasp amitabhs hands and intwine them imtimately whats wrong with this? u r a jealous hater.

i'm just wodering how many more photo's would be changed on that shelf

OMG, sorry but that is pathetic!

bebo n saif look more genuine than abhishek aish they have zero chemistry

he has bad taste - amrita singh now this!

it's cold lust and the stage lasts 2.5 yrs.

saif is so sweet. I love him

Its already been over a year. And they're just getting stronger.
I dont think its for show. Infact, I feel that compared to the real intensity they feel for reach other, their affection in public is just casual. I dont know how they connected so well. God knows what clicked, but something did. And they are both madly in love. Its not for show, because she in a relationship with shahid as well, and she never behaved this way with him. And he was in relationships before too, but never was he this committed.
I dont know what fate has in store for these two, but I wish them the best of luck in their relationship. There's something about these two that just endears to me. I dunno what.

Ooh that's cute and he look soo damn hot

oh nice catch. i feel he is just a showoff and thier relationship is not gonna last for more than 2 years max

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