Hema Malini with Her Family at her Birthday Party


Credits: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_036yF3LHHa0/SPyh48HEFQI/AAAAAAAAASQ/ThCsx9w7E10/s1600-h/hema_family.jpg

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People who love each other live together without marriage and her happy no one sets any evil eye on them so pls leave dharam and hema alone as they are married whether islamic or hindu. TRUE LOVE RULES and they are a typicale case of TRUE LOVE


O wow ! Hema is real Dream Girl !
Female Magazine

good... from jatinder...

i dnt understnd how hema doesnt get any stick for going after a much married man and then marrying him...n he still lives with his first wife - theyr sposed to b hindu which means her marriage is invalid!
and what also makes me cringe is how the kids both boys n daughters r all ga ga over dharmendra wen he was clearly wrong! id never forgiv that...i agree the guy shud b happi but do it without wntin a part of everything


wow the comment abt short hair is sick, did Hema' kid come n complain u??? gorgeous family, Isha looks like her mom n Ahana like her dad :)

hema never let her gurls keep long hair...ever since dey were lil she wud shave deir hair off! how sad!...ahana is so much older now but still can't keep long hair!

is there a picture with all the wives and kids

non one their gots either hema's or dhermendra's beauty

please let true love live on.u all have not experienced love so pls shut up.

he's why women convert to feminism! he's everything i wouldn't want my husband to be (if i ever have one ;))

HEMA must be rich and famous ... but completly SAD in her heart..... any married women can not tolerate "flirting husband" and she has to let him go everytimes he visit her to his"wife".

Dharmendra also had an affair with Meena Kumari to get good break in films. He used to sleep with her and she used to recommend him for better roles. Dharmendra was already married and had Sunny Deol when he got his first film. They used to live in a 1 bedroom chawl in a poor locality with 5 mouth to feed.

whats with Ahana's hairstyle. It looks like its growing slowly after a total shave.

unthinkable - start a blog on PV . u have it with words. rant it out here. i will defntly respond.

interesting thread. its normal in all societies i think to idol worship the stars. out in US the teens just love the fake paris hilton and in india may be kareena/ash. Its human nature i guess and media gives more of it to us as they want to run their business.

obviously we will take stars mistakes as big deals because we also praise them a lot when they do good deed. do the villagers who do good get that kind of attention?

if stars are happy when they are showered with praises then they should also be ready to read their misdeeds. Since when is drunken driving and killing poor people ok? Salman should be rotting in prison. F**ing Salman.

when big stars make that kind of decision likw dharminder married Hema, we all make such a big deal that it is wrong, i have lived in village too i have seen a rich family, where the son of that family is married with two wives and nobody says anything, if both wives don't have any problem, then why we have problem, we always take stars mistakes or accident very seriously for example like salman shot kastori dear, and for that we all made a such big deal, but we don't notice that how many dear govt. kills and some village people to make perfume, but we are still quiet, and on other hand i also know that movie stars are big, famous and people admire them as God, so if they do something wrong then they get hurt

Actually it is a known fact that he does not stay with Hema.. Anyway its too late now.. So its good if they are happy..

The daughters must have a degree of resentment, embarassment and anger towards their father who still lives with his first wife and then comes and sleeps with their mother when he feels like it. Sorry but it's hard to respect a man like that. He obviously enjoys the best of both worlds. Typical! I guess it's a MAN'S WORLD after all.

thanks anon below. must be tough for hemamalini sharing her hubby u know . where does dharmendra stay. does he even stay with hema even for a day?

In legal documents Dharmendra's first wife Prakash is his only wife. Just to avoid controversy he converted to Islam and married Hema but it is still illegal. He holidays with both wives at different times. He, his wife Prakash, two sons and their families visit his two daughters in US every year. He has total 6 kids from both wives.

Hemamalini once said that she regrest taking this decision and would never allow her daughter to marry someone like this.

Aaah sweet. Lovely family

well this is a well known fact. Dharmendra didnt divorce his first wife and he wanted to marry hema. He converted to islam[just for the time being] and then married hema.

I am not sure if this will make hema a lawfully wedded wife or no.

The deol brothers dont see eye to eye with Hema.

i am sure she was lawfully wedded... what a weird question!!!
where are the sons?

was she lawfully wedded wife?

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