Kareena & Karisma's Never Before Seen Childhood Pics

Hey guys, here are some of the few pics of Bebo & Lolo in their childhood days, which you may not have seen before so I thought I'd share them with you. Mostly with Family & some individual ones of Kareena. After going through millions of pages to see whether they had not been posted already, I came across these so please do comment :>

Seen here is Kareena, Karisma, Ranbir, Rishi, Neetu & Riddhima(I think this is the 1st Pic I've seen with them altogether)

Credits: http://www.kareenak.net/gallery/displayimage.php?album=280&pos=24

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waaaaaoooooooooooooo...........U looking sooooooo cute bebo......... :-)

love Kareena eyes color

Karishma kapoor beautiful mal

Kareena has a perfect angel face :)

Karishma and karina does not look beautifulwithout makeup and in childhood
Ashu Malik

Sooo preetttyyy..

All the pics are amazing but the last one is the best!!

both r luking stuning

wow............u both lukng.......................swt ................

U r my sweet heart ...
because my girl friend looking like u i love u farah

Kareena .sexy

oh.... u r looking so.... prety n cute.....

U look awsome kareena and i love u

bebo's such a cutie! btw, she looks a lot like kate winslet in the 2nd pic, wow

karisma is looking very best she is the natural beauty girl

ranbir z looking sooooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute

u both r swtst,cutest n beautiful person in the wrld....dts way m the die hard fan of lolo n bebo....khuda kare aap dono k lyf me koi problems na aaye, aur agr aaye v toh khuda unhe aap dono se dur rakhe..may god bless u, samayra n ur fmly...kumar 4m jharkhand

Uhhhhh liked it

loooooooking prety to both of u.

None of them are technically beautiful. It's only their last name that is blindly adored by Indians, and also their light skin which automatically makes them pretty according to some people, lolz.

kareena and karishma are looking aussom and bloosum

Kareena was soo chubby in those days. not to mention ..SO CUTE!

Kareena is like an angel in first pic

kareena is a pritty little girl so sweet

these are really rare photos.

@ Sun, 2009-03-22 16:28 — mystery

what u know about there family u aint one..what seems from outside is not real

p.s. shes pretty no one in btown as gorgeous as her

kat fan plz do ck her without makeup kat is UGLLY
bebo is peng without make up.

all i need to say bebo iz blessed

awwwww bless kareena xxxx i LOVE U

She needs a tan! And some protein!

1st pic is so adorable, she is so cute, love it

for the stupid ppl over here who says shes not beautiful! she looks absolutely adorable and gorgeous, look at her pics when she was kid, sooo precious ,, some girls are jealous,,just saying :>

in the third pic kareena's look is maybe of some film she wore that outfit and made two pony tails in some film i guess so some film like khushi i dont remmeber the exact film

what a cute family :)

love the post! thank u!
and wow...great genes!

first of all nice work... for uploading this pics........ man she changed so much ...

wonder why these girls dont talk to Rishi n family anymore

she still have green/brown eyes...i always thought she wears contacts....

very nice post! thankyou dreamy girl!

oh my god...Kareena is not pretty at all...she is nothing its all make up wonder...I knew it...ewwww

great pics. thanks for posting.

who cares.

OMG dreamy girl...excellent post/..u rock

the first pic of kareena is adorable :)

kaeena is so stylish that every person in the world should meet her specially me..!!!!

kareena lukz cute on d 1st pic

two babies are riddhima on our left(you can tell by the eyes) and kareena on the right, with karishma hugging raj kapoor. never seen a pic in todays times of kareen and riddima together..now THAT would be interesting...dont think they get along

hey! liked the post..G8!..thank u dreamy girl..thiz pic's has infact not seen before...

i hate the Kapoor khandaan, neetu singh never teach her daughter how to behave with their cousins, she herself fight with Babita, Rishi Kapoor beat Neetu Singh, Kareena stays with Saif before marriage, Ranbir lost virginity at the age of 15, Sanjana Kapoor stay with a guy when she was 16 years old that is before marriage,Karishma steal someone else husband, Riddhima Kapoor hate her dad and just be good with his dad because her husband ask her too, Ranbir and his dad relationship is not good as well, all the generation is spoil!

it's in the genes, she has a gr8 skin ;)

hi kareena is most beautiful girl in this world i like you

Thats nice family...

She has dark greenish and brown eyes... yeh noticed in her baby pics... its possible they darken as she grew up , its normal.

Trashy and Fake people

in the first pic,they dont look black.. her eyes are not very light but they are slightly light.. there is a tinge of green.. i've met her in real life and it is obvious she has light eyes

kareena's eyeball color luks black here...i thot she had natural cat-eyes..

kapoor khanden are very beautiful. both sis looks cute and beautiful.


omg cutest little girl i've ever seen... she's soooooo pretttyy and cute..

both the sisters were beautiful as kids too the photo of the girls and ranbir with raj kapoor is precious lovely

Actually, one baby is Kareena, and one is Riddhima, not Ranbir.

The picture with Raj Kapoor is Karishma standing beside him - the baby in the white dress is Kareena and the baby in the blue is Ranbir

*hugs* to dreamy girl for this post...kareena was such a dahling when she was a little gal.....luvly pix ....

awww..... cute pic :-D

Kareena is such a cutie... Damn she is soo cute.

Thanks Kazzzyyyy & Anon! mwahz! :>

They really are very rare Dreams! Nice work! And yes, Kareena is such a cutie! Karisma was so graceful back then too!

wowww cute pix..kareena looks really cute in the first pic..the pic with two babies, who are they? i'm guessing the one standing is karishma..the pic with neetu and rishi is also cute..thanks for posting

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