Big B arrested at Mumbai airport!

Big B arrested at Mumbai airport! 0
Big B arrested at Mumbai airport! 0

Bollywood icon Amitabh Bachchan was arrested at Mumbai airport for carrying weapon whose number does not coincide with that on the license document. He was caught with the suspected pistol while flying from Mumbai to Pune to shoot Ambika Hinduja's film, Teen Patti. When Amitabh was arrested with a gun in his registered baggage, there was a havoc created at the airport. He was allowed to fly to Pune only after he has surrendered the pistol to the airport authority. "The digits on the pistol were different from those on the license. Airline officials found the curvature of the pistol different from the one the digits indicated," said a security officer at the airport.

Jet Airways too confirmed the incident. "There was a slight discrepancy in the licence number. Mr Bachchan apologised for the error,"’ said a Jet airways spokesperson. "He then took the flight without the pistol." During security checking, it was found that his pistol number unmatched with the registered number. The incident took place at 9:30 am on Saturday.

When Big B was detected with the suspect gun, his secretary was called in to take the gun home.

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Anonymous's picture

shame on this old ass this is not what supposed icons should do

Anonymous's picture

This one is pure BS

Anonymous's picture

i dnt like Big B
he always fink that he always a big boss
thinkin he can do this tht anyone cant

Anonymous's picture

who cares?

Anonymous's picture

He is just protecting himself!

Anonymous's picture

they have to make the headlines one way or another...

Anonymous's picture

i dont see a necessity for him to carry a gun. He claimed after the Mumbai attack he has been sleeping with a gun under his pillow. What for? A terrorist is not interested in him. And even if a terrorsist attacks him, what did he think, the terrorist would come to his bedroom at night and attack him? what a big Fuss...he thinks he is such an important man!

Anonymous's picture

He wasn't arrested. He had a gun for which he didn't have license in his bag so officials took the gun and let him go. If it was someone else and that too after 26/11 would have ended up in jail. Celebs get away with everything.

Anonymous's picture

yea..when was he arrested!! what's with sensationlizing news writing man..cmon.. sounds like he left his gun and flew off to puna... duhhh....

Anonymous's picture

so where was he arrested? these celebs get away with anything...


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