Pakistani actress Sana's wedding pic.



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drag queen

at least even though so much makeup her face and body are in the same shade unlike aishwarya ...without photoshop ,mickey's magic makeup and airbrush aishwarya rai is just an ordinary brown indian nothing more!

it,s good


i love sharukh khan
aj sy main ap ko add kr rhe hoi

good couple

i think she could have been prettier. the lighting is an important factor and so is the camera used. The picture looks like something that would be printed in a newspaper. i'm pretty sure that a professional camera would show her true beauty and the makeup would have complemented her.

i think she could have been prettier. the lighting is an important factor and so is the camera used. The picture looks like something that would be printed in a newspaper. i'm pretty sure that a professional camera would show her true beauty and the makeup would have complemented her.

Muslim brides do wear saris on their wedding day - just want to claify this with the person who wrote they dont. This is a fact, even sania mirza wore a sari on her nikkah.

she is looking like ice woman....ha ha

Drag queen make up.

cakey make-up

She looks beautiful though i think too much make up. Bottom line they both look happy.

The bride looks beautiful, but she would look better if she smiled :) I think she is naturally pretty fair skinned because her arms are fair as well. Anyhow, why should skin tone or nationality matter? We are all human.

Lmao... Whats more interesting than the wedding pic is some of the comments down below... Never ceases to amaze me how ignorant and stupid some ppl can be...

wow she looks absolutely beautiful.. but wow about all the comments about light skin/dark skin.. i believe the skin color is usually passed down in dna/hereditary for generations to determine the outcome of the skin color.. and yeh some people like to have their skin look lighter.. who gives a shizz.. if it makes a person confident and happy.. good for them..

the bride looks good, groom looks nice
indian brides who are not light skinned overload their faces with light colored foundation and makeup

Wow, so much judgement from one pic.

ZENNY: please post more shots of their wedding if you have them, I want to see more. I for one, like this pic and can look beyond the makeup, and I'm sure I'm not alone in that. They look so poised and good together. The actress's makeup DOES seem a bit bright, but she is very light skinned to begin with, plus with 20 flashbulbs, it's easy to make fair skin look even more brighter.

Let's talk about something else, shall we. I love her dress and how it's a single color and traditional and NOT a blend of 5 different colros. From what I can see, it looks very nice. And she seems to be carrying it very well. And I love, love, love her jewelry and miles long mehndi. You can tell she was excited to become a bride. The groom looks nice in the ethnic attire and they both look happy to be together.

Congrats to the happy couple.

Anonymous on Sun, 2009-03-15 19:01.


an argument that can't be won

bride and groom look nice regardless of their makeup

This is hilarious
If I were conducting a fairness survey, I would ask the following multiple-choice questions:

1. How do you rate your skin complexion? (a) I'm so fair, it's almost unfair; (b) In my dreams, I'm fair; (c) I'm Fair & Lovely; (d) It's fair to say I'm fairly dark; (e) In my nightmares, I'm dark; (f) This is an unfair question.

2. What methods do you use to lighten your skin? (a) I regularly use fairness creams; (b)I pray three times a day to Aishwarya, the goddess of fair skin; (e) I eat five pounds of white chocolate every day; (c) I never leave home when the sun is out; (d) I've changed my name to Gourangi, which means fair complexioned.

3. What is your primary reason for lightening your skin? (a) To attract a husband/wife; (b) To please my future mother-in-law; (c) To become a Bollywood actor/actress; (d) To become more visible at night.

'Beauty and the Bleach' looks at our fascination with fair skin and asks whether third and fourth generation British Asians are just as hung up on it as their parents. In the Asian Network Report, Nikki Bedi examines the culture that's behind the growth of a potentially lethal black market for whiter skin, and asks whether darker-skinned Asians are prevented from getting to the top at work . . .

The Asian Network Report talks to two young Asian women on the opposite ends of the colour spectrum about how the tone of their complexions has affected them? One of them, Hema, believes the reason she's not been able to find a partner is, in part, down to her skin colour. The other, Mehazabeen, thinks others are too obsessed with her fair skin. Will we ever move forward from what some describe as 'internal racism'?
Read and weep you dimwits

there is too much make up on her face. as far as whitening is concerned, ppl do it all over the subcontinent, its not that they do it in india and not pak or vice versa but sana is quite fair skinned to begin with, i've seen her without makeup. if u compare her face and the neck area, its all the same tone. i think its too much color on her cheeks and eyes that is making her look horrendous, she should have gone for a more natural look. i dont like her but she's not this bad looking either.

make up is so tacky. EWWWW

typical of a country or not- this is a common practice in INDIA too. all the brides do this in India. Their family, their fiances have seen her w/o makeup and yet she piles it on like there's no tomorrow (some say it's for the camera). i didn't do it for my wedding, it seemed ridiculous to whitewash my face. India is a country that uses a lot of skin whitening, bleaching products. (it was on the news)

yuck, tacky makeup, gosh her face is painted with makeup and arabs would take offence if you compare their wedding to paki.
they wear white dress ... like all the muslim countries unlike pak which borrows hindu culture due to its history .

her face looks plastered

she luks different

shutup super79

ghoulish makeup!! HAHa!!

by the way wht she doing on punkvilla???this is for bollywood!!!

yeah congrats, but what's up with the make up wayyyyyyy to white!

she is beautiful

congrats to both

interesting makeup

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