• Aishwarya Rai


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i dont think she looks nice cause she thinks she very preety when she looks like a tolite seat

She is the beeeessssssssstttttt!!!!!!!!11

The new film of her: Jodha akbar: Ash and hrihtik roshan

she is a puppet pulled by strings.she has no acting quality,just it is her beauty which takes her to the limelight.she cant be natural always she remains artificial.

a no one can make imagian u

simply the best

she looks sexy no matter wat

natural beauty........
never change

gawjusshhhhh =)

She is the most beautiful woman in the world. And a great actress.

She rules! Incomparable.

Anonymous on Sun, 2008-09-21 06:37 is obsessed and leaves the same comment everywhere so we can all by now know her own fantasies about her own FIL. She has issue with own father.

go and watch ur daughters maybe ur husband has locked them up in the basment and they have popped out 6-7 kids from him. watch what shit u right about bebo rani and katrina and then tell others what to say b!tch.

she s the most beautiful lady in bollywood


She's absolutely gorgeous and the most beautiful woman ever. I just love her!!!

not matter what..... she is THE NO.1 for me

Aish is a beauty.

ash is the mostttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt gorgeous,beautiful,stunning,graceful and the hottest woman no 1 in the world has those guts to replace her

i am dam sure that ash will return and return with a bang she for the last 2 yrs has been going through a lot of media bashing and critiscm but looking at the kind of films she has in her kitty she is surely going to rock and talking about why frieda is getting so much of int'l recognition is just bcoz she is cashing on the success of slumdog millionaire there r a lot of indian directors who make some realistic cinema but there bo verdict is so dissapointing ash is a great actress she is the only actress to have gone deglam max no of times taal, chokher bali,rain coat,sarkar raj,jodha akbar,guru and so on and we all agree that she looks her best with minimal make up and mark my words she is going to rule the world the index of popularity is no. of haters is directly propotional to the popularity of a star ash iluv u god bless u i wish u become the greatest star in the world and ur beauty with each passing day and each passing yr blooms just believe in god and do ur best there are trillions of fans praying for u

most beautiful woman in the whole world for sure

Amazing mesmerizing ocean-green eyes!

Aish is the best. I admire her. Bollywood is a men's world. And she made a place of her own. And she is good actress and the best dancer. She got everthing.

Beautiful woman, and I agree the best eyes

Most Beautiful Woman Alive.......& i mean it & she is worth it!!!

She sure is the most beautiful, and i agree she is worth it.

i love u ur sooos esxciiiiiiii

i love you ur beauifulll

God bless you aishwarya rai

you are such an amazing person

you are beautiful inside out

you have inspired me a lot, not to give up and always chase your dreams

you are real, genuine and really helpful to people

you are one of a kind

you suck
freida rocks!

freida represent india better than you fakey

ilovelife4u on Thu, 2009-05-07 00:13.

you had to copy what i wrote for KATRINA and use it here

Get your own words lowlife chap !!!!!!!!!!!!

fake fake fake

i dont think so tht there iz any level of competition b/w ash and sonam...........

its ok..juz pray that god punish those person who talk bad

hai ash ur the sweetest gurl in the world!!!!!!!!!!! m ur big big fan i mean AC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHA UR SSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOO COOL BYYYE TK CARE I LOVE UUUUUUUUUUUU

God bless you aishwarya rai

you are such an amazing person

you are beautiful inside out

you have inspired me a lot, not to give up and always chase your dreams

you are real, genuine and really helpful to people

you are one of a kind

i love u

aishwarya soo romantic......i really love her dance.............we just know about aishwarya......katrina kaif...who is that.....aishwarya is the most beautiful women in the world....and hole people in u.s know that......aishwarya beauty......she is global goddes.....

aishwariya u r so pretty and i just luv u....
u r an amazing person and i am a big fan of urs......
i also liked ur performance in iifa awards........
congrates for gettin an award..............
u give alot of inspiration and u r a role model to me.....
and all da best for ur upcumin films...may dey rock da cinemas.......

i love u babygirl ur soooo hotttt

go away

Aishwarya Rai the best actress!She is very very beautiful! Aish is the cool woman and shen is very very nice!Aish's cinema is the best! I love you Aishwarya Rai You are the best and very very beautiful you are the best! I love you Aishwarya Rai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I love you

i love u sooooo much .good luck 2 u greetings from korea

Aishwarya Beautiful woman.I love you!Yiou are very vsey beautiful.love... love...

dont u think its tme to retire?

hey beautifull i miss u s

i wannna love u

Mindblowing beauty! Just look at her! No man can even hope to stand a chance standing next to her. Huge hypnotic and mesmeric deep ocean blue eyes. The smile of an angel,? flawless caramel skin, and the elegance and grace of a fairy. God Bless You Aishwarya.

She is too beautiful, love her face.

36 and still going strong!! You're No.1 , Ash!!

A lady with poise,beauty and grace.unmatched by any of the present lot of actresses.

Deepika Padukone

hey i love you .ur #1

#1 forever!

Aishwarya is a real inspiration, a perfect combination of modern and traditional. And of course amazingly inteligent and beautiful! Number one always!

Love ya, Ash! You are the best!!

beauty is in eye Of the behOlder .!

Aishwarya is the best. Period.

The most beautiful woman ever, both inside and out!

She's the best, forget the rest!

aishwarya is special, you can' t ignore a beauty like that.

aishwarya is gorgeous always.there is no other beauty like her.she is the most beautiful women in the world.no one can compet with her.

Aishwarya is super beautiful, just love her eyes.

i am ur biggest fan from korea love u we all love u here in korea

you have got beatiful eyes and a good body com

Aishwarya rai is beauitful. no 1 is near gorgreous as her..all haters can get lost

Aishwarya rai is born beautiful. Even in her next life she will be beautiful.

most beautiful lady

beauty goddesss


my love


aishwarya is fairy

aish the hottttttttttttttt

diamond eyes

best girl ever

woman with substance

pretty woman

hottest ever

I love you aish




aish the best

i love her


most beautiful

queen of beauty

wonder of india


ocean of beauty



inner grace is outer beauty.

Aishwarya is a national treasure of India, due to her grace at all the naysayers kept saying.. and she keeps smiling.

Go Aishwarya ! Keep rocking!


Aish at 37 is still da no.1 actress in B'wood. That says a lot!!!

woman with substance

best woman everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr



kohenoooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr of india