• Kareena Kapoor


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i dont like her at all.she is STUPID.HI KAREENA IF U READ THIS THEN UR R STUPID OK

she is a travestie !

She is where she is because of the Kapoor name and sleeping her way around.


Kareena needs to learn to be HUMBLE instead of arrogant, catty, snobby, fake. One average hit with Jab we Met does not make her no1.

White Trash

i jus simply luv her n her attitude:D

Talentless, fake, old, gross

u r very good kareena .there is no one like u in this industry . katrina also can't act like u

Shut up u stupid people! Kareena is the most Beautifulest and Talented Actress in Bollywood Today note that u stupid people!!!

u r da best...best best best

luv u

Life is short enjoy it.

i like u karina

she is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!she is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!she is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!she is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!she is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!she is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!she is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!she is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!
I adore ????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kareena,It the most beautiful and best actress in Bollywood

Kareena kapoor is the best and she is definetly better than priyanka chopra. And all of you guys who are hating on her are just envious because she is on the top, and when ppl succeed, it is human nature to hate on them.

my princes bebo my love my best woman i'll be love you forever

i like her so mchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh kareena v all love uuuuuuuuuuuu alot

kareena u r vry 222 pretty ,u lke so inocent bebo love u umahhhhhh

I Love u my Bebo!!!!!!!!!!!

Love u Bebo!!!

i like bebo

i luv bebo

Shes the most beautiful women i have seen, she cant be compared to the rest star heroine;s
shes Number1 Superstar! shes rock for 10yrs thumbs Up

just came watching this movie ....what the heck? ...i have never seen all the ppl crying that badly in theater room ever ....after interval it felt as if there is some crying competition going on. I loved the performance of Kareena and Kajol ...Kajol is always gr8 but its Kareena for me ...she surpassed all her earlier performances ....she truly deserves best actress awards [fingers crossed]. Over all ...if you love ur family ..do go and watch ..u will like this movie. Good paisa vasool (but be ready to see your gurl or spouse crying) :-)

she is most beautiful girl.

kareena is a most beautiful actress

i love KAREEN TO DEATH !!!!!


Oh....She is absolute spotless beauty, and since she from Marsh, she is my hometown Bebo..God bless her

hi, bebo you looking very hot and your all dressing its very beautiful

kareeena kapooor is the best bcox she is very beautifull attractive ////////zzzzzzzzz


i like kareena sexy appeal.i wan t to kiss her

Kareena is bestestestestestest!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOVE YOU

bebo is my dream girl , i wish i spend a full day , i can break fast to dinner with her, and lot lot enjoy a day . i love u so much kareena (bebo). i realy i love her.

i luv u bebo i m ur big fan

kapoor kapooor karina i like u ....

she is a very egoistic person.I hate her . i met her at One of the mall and asked for a pic .She refused so arrogantly.

Bebo best some haters ll come across here and post lies bebo rocks

hate her!!!

hi kareena kapoor

kareena da best




i love u kareena


i love u kareena kapoor
my name is kalsum,..
I very2 like You,..
you very2 complit girl,..
when you come indonesia,..
in indonesia much love you,..

A real actress with acting skills and good looks.

I luv u kareena u r my jan :)

I love you .kareena kapoor. I am big fan for you. All movies for fast day fast sohw

i love uuuuuu..........................

Iam from kuwait i luv you so much

I now can proudly say, Beauty has perfect definition-"BEBO-KAREENA"

she is a princess gorgeous girl in the world

beautiful' 'adorable.......:-)

hiiiiiii kareena im big fannnnnnnnnn

Oh my sweet heart.

please cam to morroco next time

ur fans love you and will always support you
please come to france and morocco
people are crazy in love with you
queen of bollywood
keep rockin

kareena is very pretty

she is so best heroine

all photo very nice. i love you.

they deleted the PREGNANCY spark rumours post from the website - LMAO... whose PR is at work now??? LOL - must be some truth to it

her hair is too flat
your chin doesn't go well with your flat cheeks
you have bony cheeks
get your wisdom teeth removed

It was nice 2 meet u here, miss Kareena, we all indians r lov u Take Care of Ur self n all ur family.

Kareena im really ur biggest fan.Love u alwayz....No one can beat u in ur looks nd acting as well dearie.Love ya....muahhh :)


so nice of u sis


you are good actor

soooo smarty

dis ix d only saree in wich bebo luk average

can someone please change the display picture !! she have much better photos then this ! love bebo very much

Kareena ur soopur hot n sex ur heroine hit n ur number 1 of the world n ur very lovely



Am big fan of u......

i love kareena and i am very big fan of you agar tum mil jae zamana chor day ge hum


Hi i like ur sexy style wihich is diffrent from others. i love bebo very much

You looking soooo pretty.Karina

Today was fun day with you .. Thanks..

lekin saif se saadi nahi karni chaheye thi....

i love u karenaaaaaaaaaa u are a perfect actor..puty...lovly....ju ..i love u..me tum spyar karteho!!!!!! love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

kareena kapoor real beayty and best of all actresss

dashing bebo wat to say , my all most fav star & her sisi lolo I just love them both...thought of sharing and let them know that they have fans in Morocco as well ..bebo u rock ! cheeers !! :)

Hi kareena

i like u so much in jb bi met every 1 says me that u r as kareena

awesome.............u look preety hot in indian

Hello kareena madam im ur great fan

Kareena is beautiful. She dresses very well. I still think she has not shown all her talent yet
her best is still not delivered.Kareena you rock.

heyyyyyyyyyyy Kareena khan am ur hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee fan yrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and i reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyy like u and ur style ur make up ur dress up ur attitude U r my ideal and i really want to be justtttttttttttt like uuuuuuuuuuuu !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :) :)

Kareena ji you are my favorite actress since the age of 6, and I know that this will change never is.
I admire your charisma and your great talent and your honesty.
I wish you many more years in the film business and even more great films.
And a happy married life


love u bebo

you very beautiful

bebo always is the best forever

kareena is the queen of bollywood

i am the biggest fan of kareena