Are Shahid Kapoor & Sonakshi Sinha dating ?

Are Shahid Kapoor & Sonakshi Sinha dating ?



i dnt think so

if they are not, i hope they do start soon! want to see shahid happy

Their chemistry in kwk was gr8 though


chyba was pojebało

Yes they are

They look amazing together.

they seem to just be friends right now with great chemistry/. maybe be friends for a couple years and it could turn into something more? They are great together

they make a perfect pair

I think they are. They're adorable together and make a beautiful pair too.

want to see shahid happy

No because Shahid is still not over Kareena and Sonakshi has crush on Ranveer

I hope they are. They look sooooo cute together and their chemistry is rocking ..on screen or off screen!! Can't wait for their movies together or another episode of KWK!!!

Yes they are because Shahid needs a new look before making his 'actual' comeback and Sonakshi is just timepass. Who wants to date that tacky elephant???

I don't think that they're dating. Yet. Shahid and Sonakshi have denied it. But they are friends. I wish that they'd date, though. They look absolutely awesome together.

I dnt thnk dt dey r ..

Wanna to see them together....

Yes sure

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