Hotter Jodi

Which of these upcoming Jodi are you most looking forward to ?


VARUN AND ALIA"S chemistry willl be suprbbbbbbb in HSKD............!!!!!!!!!!!!

sid and shraddha

sid and shraddha

sid and competition there!!!

sid and shraddha

Sid & Sharddha only

Sid n shraddha's chemistry is superb

Sid & Shraddha anyday

Sid Nd Shraddha...:-)

Sid and Shraddha♥♥

Sid Shraddha are wayyyyyyyy hotter anyday! They burn the screen with their hotness

Sid and shraddha

Sid and Shraddha..specially because of my Sweetheart Sid

Varun & Alia.. Enough said!!


Only 49 Votes ? No one likes Adi pari ? #SAD

sid shraddha jodi koh sirf sid and deepika jodi hi todd sakti hai

obviously sid n shraddha

VARUN N ALIA....................................I LOVE THEM.varun

Sid and sharddha look ugly together. Pari and Aditya are better

sid and shraddha got the max votes bcoz of only one factor sid......most of the chicks must have voted for him...sid is gng to get the most no of votes irrespective of whos he paired along with...

Sirf or sirf sid and sad.becz of sid.only sid is best.

Sid and sad best hain.pari and adi sirf better for sid.

Only sid and shraddha.their on screen chemistry is so hot.sid and shad.

Sid love u and also lov u shraddha.

sidharth with shraddha both looking lovely......:-)

I vote for the EK VILLAIN pair Sid & Shraddha. They're the cutest.

I do not find anything 'hot' about the Varun-Alia pairing. Rather I find them annoying as a pair. Alia is best with Arjun, whereas Varun looked most comfortable and compatible with Nargis - and Varun-Nargis made for a hot pair in the truest sense of the phrase. And then, we haven't really seen much of Aditya and Parineeti as a pair so its unfair to put them up in this poll

Only sid and sid and cut shad.

Sidharth and Shraddha

Wow 1755 votes for my best jodi sid and shad now.and only 778 votes for alia varun and 225 votes for pari and adi.yeah i am now very happy.

Sid with Shradha sexy couple

2111 votes for my sid and shradha and only 916 and 273 votes for others

Varun and Alia without a doubt. no two ways about that. I mean look at them man they are bollywood's next shahrukh kajol. Their chemistry is sizzling. Both are hawt both are cute and they both just are soooo amazing with each other. They share an awesome love hate relationship with each other like best friends. Plus they just look fabulous and amazing as a couple.

Varun alia all the waaaaayyyyy

Sidharth and Shraddha♥♥

after watching samjhawan from hskd it has to be varun alia...something delicate abt these two together..

Ek villain jodi rocks..

Sid and parineeti were best together

Valia forever ❤️❤️❤️


Varun and Aliya.... varun u r so cute...

Varun n Alia definitely!

sid and shrddha

Alia would be no where if she was not Mahesh Bhatts daughter

Sorry but Aditya Kapoor and Parineeta Chopra do not make a good couple. And yes I do agree that alia would be nowhere if it weren't for her dad. Even Karan Johar said in a show that he picked alia for student of the year because she was Mahesh Bhatt's daughter.

kajol and shahrukh !

only kajol and shahrukh !

the best jodi are shahrukh and kajol

the best and only the best are the best kajol and the superbe shahrukh ! enough enough ! none other them are a jodi

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