Was Sidharth convincing as a villain in 'Ek Villain'

Do you think Sidharth pulled off the villain skin well enough ?

73% (316 votes)
27% (114 votes)
Total votes: 430


Sid in his 1st movie just like a hot and in 2nd movie also but in ek villain he is looking so i love u.i say yes.

Only sid he act vey seriously in all action and romance.he is like a super star.

Definitely he did a commendable job. His eyes can speak a lot. Its a very good quality for an actor. Wish U a tremendous success.

ofcourse.. He did a good job n was looking so hot..


i think know......





he was awesome and best as the villain.

Sid was the best!!!

he was amazing

He was excellent! I m in love....


No..poor acting by Siddharth

He is perfect as a Villain and Hero ...

He is perfect as a Villain and Hero ...

I don't think he was the Villain was he? Anyhow he acted well.

He acted very well in the movie.

He is our super star...Just want to Hug him...Another mind blowing performance..What a look man in Ek Villain...WOW..

yes...he's the sexiest angry young man now in B-town,...i think in this new generation varun,arjun others would not have acted better than sidharth did

He is the best among all new comers..This is the only guy who has potencial like Big B..He has lots of similarities like him...Tremendous confidence...This guy will go long...

Very very handsome actor.he looks like one hollywood actor..May be Kenu Rivs.I have watched EK Villain.Super performance.I never expected this deadly look from Sid as because he is the chocolate boy.

No doubt that he is very handsome and good actor but still Sid has go far and away.

He is best among all new comers ( ex Ranbir Kapoor).Lots of potential and a great star power.

He did a outstanding job in EK Villain. He is the Super star.

he shouldn't even be considered an actor. He is just to bad!

He was awesome...

Simsim: he was one very hot villian.....couldnt take my eyes off him...........

Really hater. who is you best actor...? Do u even know anything about acting...? dumb..

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