Your Thoughts on Ranveer Singh

What are your thoughts on Ranveer Singh and his antics ?


Okay ! we fans love him they way he is , he's quirky and a unique guy , that's why some ppl will find him weird but he is a real sweetheart , with charming personality .


He is a bit too full of himself!!!

We Love U Veer:)

we love him just the way he is!

He is not a bit over the top...He is a a lot OTT.

He is so genuine,humble and talented. . . . And i guess thats why its so hard to get over him. . luv u ranveer!

He's cool, and at least he's funny, unlike some other celebrities. I really like his acting, he's really good. :)

sometimes bit over the top but still better than the others & his honesty shines through

He is so irritating...nobody likes him

You Can Love him or hate him, but u cannot ignore him. Whatever he does, we love it because there is no pretendence in it. He does it from his heart & speaks the truth which is rare with many B-wood actors.

Ranveer is not someone who is afraid to be himself and put a smile on everyone's faces... Of course Love him no matter what...

Love a bit of Veer in my life ; )

so annoying

OMG he's all about way in real life he would be like that and if he is then may God help the people around him

Ranveer is adorable. His talent, his eloquence, his friendly nature, everything about him is endearing. All the crazy things he does just make us love him even more. When i started liking him i thought it was maybe a phase but with each movie release, each interview, each funny little antic i just love him more and more.

he's ok i guess.

He is pure at heart :)

He is pure at heart. :)

He is so natural and fresh !!! it's very rare in business !!!! Go Go Ranveer. We love you like you are :D

love himmmmm :*

It always a blessing to make others happy! He is one of them who make others happy making himself a joke! very talented and most genuine human being! All the best Ranveer hope you make it big!


he is okay

Krina love u

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