Sonam Kapoor or Deepika Padukone,who is a better actor?

Who do you think can actually act sonam or deepika?


just compare deepika's acting in Break ke baad and Sonam in I hate love story.
Sonam acts very fluid where deepika's acting feels as if she is struggling to show a funky girl,,,

Sonam is best then deepika.Deepika is very hot & sonam is very sweet.

deepika is the hotttttttttttttttt

Everyone knows deeps is better. Its just whether they admit it...sonam is just an eye candy...all she does is dress up and wear 6 inches of makeup...but I don't see these two going far in bwood. ANUSHKA IS THE BEST!!!

deepika was horrible in bkb...n sonam is prettier!

Dumbo this pole is about ACTING! Can't read?
And sonam is not pretty

deepika is sh0oo cute.l0vee u deepuuuuuu

anushka can go far but i just don't think she has the looks to make it that big in bolly. sonam is quite popular for her fashionista thing but that can only take her so far. i feel deepika has the most potential if she would actually stay in news for her work than her relationships and would look as good as she does in magazines and pick her movies wisely.

They are both mediocore actresses but deepika shined in OSO

Deepika fo sure..Sonamz just a spoiled brat hu has no acting skills even Katz way better den her..

why deosnt anushkas name cum with these two..... shes sooooo good and beautiful

deepika has done wayyy more movies way more

None of them can act...both r good for nthng...

Sonam is way better!!
And she can actually act unlike
Deepika who is only known for her

everyone is special and different. both are good and different. can't compare

None other than deepika.

none.. anushka is way better actor.. and very natural too

but i think deeps will go far coz of all her bfs and sonams coz of the filmi backing!


of course sonammmmmmmmmmmmmmm 4 eve........deepi is also gud but i love sona more n moreeeeeeeeee

2 veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery bad


sonam is a better actress.

i love deepika especially in her debut film with SRK in Om shanti om....!

Deepika is soooooooooooooooooo sweet and a good actress

deepika is a real natural indian beauty with the most beautiful eyes and she is very talented and will b a great actress

sonam is an excellent actor. She is much beautiful and stylish than deepika

They're both pretty but I think sonam is more confident with her work.

sonam is far.......... preety n beautiful than dipika..................

sonam is far beautiful than dipika............................

sonam is so cool :)
deepika isnt that good. love sonam

both r bad actresses

Deepika Padukone Always! Though I like Sonam's fashion sense an style too.. Deepika carries it off the best on screen and off screen! (:





i love deepika

deepika is the best and sonam is just a drama queen . Anushka and sonam are just like her servants

Sonam kapoor is different and is my favorite actress!

Deepika has grabbed the major prohects & most of fan following from Sonam by her talent & beauty !

Deepika is a better actress ,,,, sonam kapoor is no where near her ,,,, in both looks n acting

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